Tie Dye Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 3.1.1

Tie Dye is an Android simulator game from the developer Crazy Cabs by Tab Tale, recommended for downloads for people over 12 years old.  Here, the player feels like a designer of his own clothing line. There is an opportunity to develop your own style of applying paint, special technique, discover new levels and improve as a clothing stylist. If you are interested in a similar topic, then we recommend you Redecor and House Life 3D.

Tie Dye is suitable both for a person who has never drawn, but dreamed of learning. There is just such an opportunity in the simulator. There is an option to practice in the game for those who have already tried their artistic skills in life. In addition, we can’t say that the desire to draw can arise only among girls. There are no gender divisions.

Transform T-shirts, swimwear, shorts and skirts, beach bags into unique colorful masterpieces. First, you need to choose the desired technique of twisting the product. Then choose the colors, strictly follow the instructions for the selected shades from the customer and observe the result. If the customer is satisfied, he pays well. At the beginning of the design path in Tie Dye, you have only few models for painting (for example, dress, T-shirt, swimsuit, skirt) and only 4 types of twists, some paint colors (green, yellow, red, etc.). A visitor comes, chooses a white dress and expresses his desire for colors. You need to reflect this choice in the design. If you do not fully listen to the client, then you may pay less money. Therefore, you also need to create according to the customer’s specifications.

Tie Dye provides you with own store, which you can develop during the game thanks to the money earned. Use them to purchase the necessary accessories and things. By collecting the required amount, you can buy everything you need in the store, such as new mannequins, a sign, even vegetation in the form of palm trees and other plants. As you complete the tasks, you unlock new elements. Buy a new accessory for painting, new paint colors and new types of twisting for coloring.

You need to take care in coloring to achieve the desired result in Tie Dye, as it can blur and not give the desired effect. Therefore, you need to feel as if you are actually coloring a T-shirt. After applying the color, the twisted product soaks, drains and unfolds. Later, we see the finished result. The client immediately puts on the thing and we see how the product looks on the figure and receive money. Many customers come in a week with their creative ideas, and the player – the designer embodies them. If the customer is satisfied, you can see the inscription at the top of the screen “Awesome!” and rating stars on your hero’s photo.

Tie Dye uses sound effects specific to an action, such as the sound of a tube of paint opening, pouring paint onto a curled product, soaking in a basin, and the sound of running water. In addition, achieving “wow” effect, after unfolding the finished product, corresponds to ringing musical overflows of victory. it is also present in receiving money for an order and stars in raising the player’s rating. All ingenious is simple. The graphics are simple, but at the same time very realistic and colorful in the style of many famous games from Barby Fashion series. It attracts attention and bewitches.

As already mentioned, by completing tasks in Tie Dye, the player earns money in order to purchase new items for in-game store and further development. However, at the initial stage of the game, you have not enough money. Therefore, by downloading a modified version of the game, it is possible to immediately buy everything you need and in the future work for the sake of creativity and pleasure.

Our testing of the modified version of Tie Dye revealed that unlimited money mod works great. The first time you enter the game, you get unlimited amount of dollars in your account, which you can spend on new tubes of paint and other useful accessories. Antivirus software shows that installation file is completely safe for your device.

As for the gameplay, there will be no difficulties in control at all. Everything is extremely simple – just press the screen on the desired element. Swiping, holding, simple touches and gestures control the entire gameplay.

Tie Dye is an interesting creative project for lovers of creativity. The app develops imagination, helps to think creatively. Everyone knows theme of original clothing for a long time, back in the 60s, and this fashion has recently returned to us. It’s popular in reality and implemented in a good performance virtually. Play and create!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Tie Dye before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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