Tintin Match Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.20.1

Tintin Match is a game that combines arcade and match-3 elements at once. Your main task is to help Tintin to cope with usual difficulties of young journalist. Become a crime reporter who investigate the most challenging and interesting mysteries that come on the way! Help Tintin and his companions to fulfill their duties. Assist in investigations and creation of materials for publications in every possible way. Moreover, if you love solving match 3 puzzles, then our team advises you to play Pet Rescue Saga. If you are a puzzle fan, then we recommend Parking Jam 3D.

5th Planet Games Development ApS released Tintin Match in the end of summer 2020. Now, the game has more than 100 thousand download with 4.4/5 rating. The app is available for players over 3 years old.

Tintin Match takes inspiration from famous comics drawn by a Belgian cartoonist in the last century. Each block of levels in the game repeats one of comic book stories, making the gameplay fun and familiar at the same time. The players’ task is not just to go through the levels one by one, but to repeat Tintin’s journey with friends around the world. Game offers exciting adventures that you can share with a famous character and his companions.

The main hero is young and full of energy, which makes Tintin Match dynamic and exciting. However, game offers a thoughtful and calm walkthrough, which balances the gameplay. According to reviews, one of the main features comes down to gradual increase in levels difficulty. This allows you not only to master the gameplay, but also to calmly familiarize yourself with new elements and tasks. In addition, completed levels bring you rewards in form of bonuses and currency. It is worth noting that such earnings allow you to acquire necessary items and timely help Tintin in his affairs.

A nice bonus for players is the opportunity to play Tintin Match in two modes – online and offline. While connected to the network, you can receive updates and new puzzles. Chat with other players, create or join alliances. Offline mode allows you to enjoy all the game delights and save achieved progress.

The graphics in Tintin Match are vibrant and rich in color. Game features high quality textures, allowing you to view and enjoy even the smallest elements. Beautifully crafted animation creates a sense of presence, while special effects add dynamics. In addition, the creators made sure that players could view the entire surrounding space using isometric camera. We should also note that sound effects are pleasing to ear and the accompanying soundtrack complements the gameplay.

In order to equip home in the game, players have to spend game money, which are not so easy to earn. Moreover, such resources may come in handy for getting boosters during solving match-3 puzzles. In order to reduce inconvenience due to the lack of game currency, we offer to download Tintin Match with unlimited money mod. Therefore, you can make any in-app purchases available at any time!

Our team has tested Tintin Match and its mod for unlimited amount of money. Indeed, the modification works great and does not cause any complaints. By the very first launch, you can receive an unlimited number of coins on your account and spend them at your discretion. Installation file is safe for your device, since it does not contain malware.

Tintin Match is a casual adventure that can easily reach the hearts of players of all ages. Gamers have to help the young journalist and his friends. Tintin is one of the most famous comic book characters, created by Belgian Erge at the beginning of last century. A funny young reporter makes the first mistakes in his profession and ordinary life, so the player’s task is to save him from getting into big trouble. At the same time, you need to visit many places around the world, learn many new things and enjoy decorating the most incredible places on the planet.

Your main goal is to complete match 3 puzzles. Each level features certain tasks. Knock out a certain number of blocks of the desired color or collect a bomb from five colored stones in a row. In addition, you also receive materials for arranging your home along the way. The game includes many boosters that can break several rows of stones at once. You can remove one row horizontally or vertically or detonate a bomb and clear almost the entire field at once. The further you go through the story, the more difficult the levels become. This is where our unlimited money feature comes in handy.

Tintin Match is an amazing game with ability to win love from the start download. This bright, dynamic and funny game is a great way to have fun or kill time!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Tintin Match before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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