Toca Life World Mod APK (Unlocked All) 1.33

Toca Life World is a mobile sandbox with elements of educational app and virtual life simulator developed by Toca Boca Studio. The game offers you the opportunity to plunge into a huge new world that has eight large locations. Choose a role for yourself, perform interesting and exciting tasks, find friends and shoot funny videos or streams within one application. There is no clear goal in this game. You can do almost anything. Create a hero of your choice, furnish a house, buy or receive new decor items, clothes, accessories and much more as bonuses. By the way, we also recommend you to pay attention to The Sims FreePlay and Miga Town: My World.

The main audience of Toca Life World is children, although this game can captivate adults too. Find out more by reading our review.

There are many locations in Toca Life World, where you can participate in a variety of exciting stories. At the same time, the plots can be the craziest. For example, the fight against an infant gang seeking to take over the city. Everything is possible here: sloth on the rink, doctor with a crazy hairdo and cute fluffy cat in school. Several bright characters can help you to participate in all events. In fact, Toca Life World allows you to find yourself in the midst of cartoon adventures. However, unlike the cartoon, you can not only observe, but also directly influence events! Players can experiment, explore the world around and learn new things.

Toca Life World provides players with access to a huge number of locations and heroes. You can visit more than 50 places and choose among 300 characters and 125 pets. Now you do not have to download all projects separately, as this game combined all previous installments. Just go on an exciting journey wherever you want:

The game takes place in Bop City, well known to players from previous parts of the series. There is a hairdresser, an apartment, a shopping center and other interesting places in addition to the above locations. Something interesting can happen in each of these places. However, if nothing happens, no one bothers to create your own story! After all, the game tries to develop the user’s imagination, encouraging him to be creative in a playful manner. Therefore, you do not need to be shy. Just use all the game features, which number grows as you progress. If you have ever owned a toy house, then you have a complete understanding about this game. Almost everything is available to you here.

It is worth noting the pleasant graphics of Toca Life World made in 3D format. It becomes even more fun to participate in the on-screen madness. Such graphics can definitely appeal to children. However, adults can also appreciate it because of well-thought elements and high rendering. The creators did not forget about the musical accompaniment that differs depending on the location.

Toca Life World has paid content. This mainly applies to locations. You must pay real money to get access to all places on the map or purchase it separately. Nevertheless, you can simply download our mod with already unlocked locations.

Our team has tested the functionality of Toca Life World and its mod. Indeed, all previously announced functions work great. You can get access to shopping center, dentist’s office, embankment, swimming pool, ski resort and others right after installing the modification. Just follow our instructions below. We also confirm that the game is safe, virus-free and perfectly optimized for your device.

In terms of gameplay, this app is reminiscent of projects like The Sims and Gacha World. The user takes the place of an outside observer. You can interact with objects, characters, make rearrangements, but still observe the process from outside. The controls within the gameplay are very simple. It is possible to carry out all actions using a touch screen.

Toca Life World can surely appeal to children – both boys and girls. For those who loved to play with dolls as a child, there are just a lot of interesting options. Thanks to the detailed editor, you can choose the age and height of your hero. You can even choose face shape, hairstyle, clothing and purchase additional accessories.

Your hero is free to choose and can visit any of the presented locations. For example, visit a theater and try yourself in any role. Become an actor, director, make-up artist and dresser or remain a spectator. Alternatively, you can create your own rock band and give a concert to the public.

Moreover, if you don’t want to go anywhere, it’s not a problem, as the game contains a wonderful selection of cozy accommodation with neighbors. It’s just like in the real world: delicious roasts in the oven and refrigerator full of food. If you feel bored at home, then go to your friends, not forgetting to buy a gift.

If you like to furnish a virtual house, control characters, equip life and buy various interior items, then you will definitely like Toca Life World. There are dozens of activities for you. Moreover, you can also get access to all the game content due to our unlocked option.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Toca Life World before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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