Tomb of the Mask Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.7.17

Tomb of the Mask is a fun and exciting action game in genre of adventure and arcade developed by popular Playgendary studio. It is famous for runner-style projects. This time studio decided to release a completely new project not similar to its predecessors. Please, meet new arcade, which takes place in a maze. In turn, location is constantly changing and randomly generates levels, as well as various traps. Plot boils down to fact that you find yourself in a mysterious dungeon, from which you need to find a way out. Use your logic and speed for this. Now, there are over 50 tasks available that you can complete. In addition, game features endless mode that resembles a classic runner. For fans of runners, we have prepared Dancing Road: Color Ball Run and Roof Rails.

A distinctive feature of Tomb of the Mask is that here you need not only to solve puzzle, but also to do it as quickly as possible, since some traps here can punish you for delaying. Read our description to cope with tasks better.

You goal is to go through mazes during the entire gameplay of Tomb of the Mask. It is noteworthy that playthrough consists not in finding an exit from the network of moves and turns, but in completely painting corridors with color. Such gameplay makes you think, as it is necessary to think in detail about your further actions at the very beginning of level. It is worth considering the specific way of protagonist movement. Your character flies in direction you indicate and the only reason for stopping is maze wall.

Do not forget that Tomb of the Mask offers user a variety of traps, which range expands from level to level. Dangerous spikes, shooting statues, monsters and trampolines that change direction of your movement are waiting for you. The most hardcore trap here is the statues, as their rate of fire can interfere with your plans. Watch how labyrinths change before your eyes and various thorns and knives appear in place of seemingly harmless walls. Only sleight of hand can help you to pass the most difficult levels.

Store in Tomb of the Mask offers several available sections, but the main ones here are masks and amplifiers. With help of additional masks that you can put on your hero, you get unique abilities, for example, increased speed, invisibility or ability to take a unit of damage without character death. You can also get temporary boosts, but it is necessary to use them directly during level playthrough, since effects work only until the next round.

Unusual graphic design can easily become the very highlight that makes any game recognizable among gamers. Although the graphics of Tomb of the Mask resemble old game consoles, it has a number of own features. Not only graphic, but also sound design can boast of originality here. Some events constantly take place around the player and perky soundtrack sets the right mood.

As you progress through Tomb of the Mask levels, you earn in-game currency. You can spend the earned crystals on new masks for main character. They not only change the character appearance, but also add various passive bonuses to him. In order for you to have an abundance of currency, we offer you to download a mod for unlimited money.

Our team has tested Tomb of the Mask mod to ensure functionality of unlimited money feature. From the very beginning, you get all the finances on your account. Therefore, it becomes possible to purchase any enhancements for your hero, as well as buy energy. We also removed ads, so now it is possible to play without distraction.

After installing and launching Tomb of the Mask, you will face unusual game menu that looks quite simple and at the same funny thanks to pixel graphics. Here you can choose from several sections: available stages, game store and endless arcade. The menu top shows your current energy and number of available coins.

Every level requires energy points and you can collect the maximum five points. Moreover, each level from scratch requires one unit. If you can complete stage without defeats and immediately start the new one, then energy number stays the same, otherwise you have to pay again. Your stamina replenishes over time (every five minutes) or you can purchase them for coins or real money. By the way, survival mode, which offers an endless journey through a randomly generated maze, needs no energy at all.

Locations represent separate stages that you can go through in turn. Your main task is to reach the finish line, collecting various coins and stars scattered on your way. In order to get the maximum mark of three stars, you have to collect all of them. This allows you to open access to the legendary chest, which can store money or various bonuses.

Tomb of the Mask turned out to be very interesting. Along with other adventures, it can please players with unique pixel graphics, as well as unusual store. If you are a fan of arcades or runners, then surely download this project.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Tomb of the Mask before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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