Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator Mod APK (Money) 1.2.9

Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator is an excellent racing simulator that will challenge your driving skills. Your main task here is to skid in order to earn as much money as possible and to finish first. Here you will find several dozen real-life cars, a well-thought-out division of content into seasons that open as you progress, hundreds of tracks and a unique car control scheme. Win one race after another to unlock new cars or tune the ones that are already in the garage. Install new wheels, paint the car and make other modifications. Download also RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme and Traffic Racer.

It is generally difficult to withstand competition on the Play Market platform. Given the general popularity of genre, it is almost impossible. However, Top Drift is clearly not going to give up. The game still is in early access, but very soon, there will be a release.

Try to make a perfect start, as it gives you an edge over your opponents and then drift around the corners. Use nitro acceleration to make it more convenient. After drifting, it is easier to gain high speed with it. The controls are quite simple, but at the same time, the car behaves extremely realistically. You need to tap on one of the halves of the screen, depending on the direction indicator. The main thing is to react in time, because otherwise you can fly off the track or roll over. Do not forget that in addition to drifting, you still need to finish first, so pay attention to your opponents.

The entire gameplay of Top Drift focuses on online battles with other real players, which makes the project unique. In total, four users can participate in the race. Each of them has a flag of country they represent. You cannot collide with your rival during the race. All the riders seem to be transparent. Someone may consider this a minus, but it would be extremely problematic to do otherwise in drift game. If the cars collided, it would be almost impossible to skid. Successful drift brings money, which you can spend on improving the car. You also need to finish first.

The garage is the place in Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator where you can spend a lot of your playing time. When you buy a car from a dealer, you can rummage around in the garage. In total, cars have three main characteristics: speed, acceleration and skidding. There are also options for increasing maximum speed and acceleration. Each of the above characteristics reacts to the change of particular part. For money, you can buy a variety of insides for your car. Some increase skid but decrease handling, while others increase top speed and acceleration by reducing skid. If you are in doubt about your settings, then go to thematic sites or forums where professional players share their sets of settings.

Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator features beautiful graphics, which only adds atmosphere and realism to everything that happens. It is impossible not to mention the elaborate soundtrack. Sports car engines roar and friction of tires on the ground cuts your ears with squeals.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited amount of money. Thanks to the money, you will be able to upgrade your car to maximum values ​​or buy a new vehicle.

Our team checked has checked functionality of Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator mod. Our solution for unlimited money works properly and stably. Keep in mind that app is still in Early Access. This means that developers actively complete and modernize the game. Therefore, our mod may cease to function. We are monitoring the situation, and if this happens, we will try to provide you with the working version as soon as possible.

Drifting is a rather dangerous type of auto racing. Driver needs to keep the car in a controlled skid in order to get points and enter corners beautifully. Top Drift gameplay is all about earning the maximum amount of drift points. In order to do this, you need to be in a skid state constantly to enable point’s multiplier. Most of the local game modes focus on this principle, but more classic races are also present here.

Economical part of the gameplay also has quite interesting section. There are two types of money: dollars and gold bars. You can earn dollars by participating in various competitions, as well as going through the storyline. Earn gold by logging into the game daily. Moreover, you can also get it by opening chests, during events or simply by paying real money.

After you have purchased a car, you can immediately go to the track or carry out a couple of upgrades. Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator developers have prepared a unique personalization system. Settings allows you to change car appearance completely, starting from color and ending with width of wheels arrangement, stickers, discs and their thickness. There is also a section on improving technical characteristics: change engines, install pressurization systems and nitrous oxide. Buy cool brakes and tires to make your drifts last even longer and bring more money.

Top Drift Online Car Racing Simulator promises to be a great project for android platforms, as you can see it right now. By the time of release, the developers must make a few more minor changes to bring their game to near perfection. If you like racing and drifts, then Top Drift is a must-download.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Top Drift – Online Car Racing Simulator before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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