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Township is a standard, well-known and beloved farm for Android devices. It’s a colorful city-building simulator from the popular game developer Playrix (who also created Homescapes). The user takes care of a small town, develops its infrastructure, builds industry and develops agriculture. The player can construct rare unique buildings, such as a zoo with animals from the red book or a mine. It is even possible to mine and extract the most valuable resources of nature. Invite your neighbors to visit, create ideas, and develop farming together for a funnier and engaging farm adventure. Among other things, the user has the opportunity to build a restaurant, some kind of cultural institution or cafe on one street. Install a factory along with a corral to settle cows and birds. If you love games of this genre, then check out Family Island and Penguin Isle.

Simulation games have long been a popular genre, but Township has a number of advantages over its competitors. Learn more about them.

What is a farm without a herd of cows, pigs, or various kinds of birds? In Township, the user owns a large number of livestock, which, in turn, brings many homemade, tasty and healthy products. You can sell them on the market, earning additional money for this. It’s important to remember that animals need looking after them so that they don’t get sick and provide good products.

Completing various exciting tasks in Township brings player a monetary reward (game currency) and various decorations. You can use both money and decorations to improve your farm and nearby buildings.  If you ever dreamed about own big city, here you can create your own.

What a city without citizens living in it. All people here are incredibly kind and sympathetic, so you won’t have to quarrel with them. They come to you with orders, which you need to fulfill. It brings you additional money and a lot of new acquaintances who then can help you in difficult situations.

Township pleases both the eye and the soul of the user. Nice and friendly atmosphere, simple control menu and addictive gameplay await you. What is most interesting, the game boasts of high quality and colorful graphics combined with excellent soundtrack. The storyline doesn’t let go, as it is very interesting. New tasks and tasks constantly appear, so you won’t have time to get bored for sure.

Township, like any other game, has its limitations. It would seem where they come from, because here you need only to build, look after and go about your own business. However, to complete some difficult tasks you need coins and even more so to buy food. That is why we offer you to download the mod for unlimited money. Now, you can easily succeed in any new endeavor. Thus, you can easily take your farm to the next level in order to produce more products.

We tested the Township and unlimited money feature. Based on the test results, we can confirm its correct and safe operation. As you spend money, it’s amount only increases.

Important! Use the mod carefully and don’t buy too many at once. Otherwise, game developers can ban you. Therefore, you won’t have opportunity to play this game from your account anymore.

Ascend to the position of mayor of your own city in Township. Build buildings, factories, factories, grow food, sell them and decorate your streets with earned decorations. During the game, the user can establish a zoo with rare species of animals, build mines with valuable raw materials and establish trade with distant countries.

Make new acquaintances, be friendly to your neighbors, take part in interesting adventures together and exchange gifts. The game is divided into levels, which each time becomes harder and harder to pass, but this only increases the interest in the game. All the points earned go to the level balance.  When you reach a certain number of points, you move to a new stage and open some new aspect of the game.

Township is an exciting farm that stands out for its bright, colorful graphics, high-quality soundtrack, and curious gameplay. It is able to lure even the most demanding users for a long time. The plot does not let you get bored: constantly appearing cases, orders and works don’t allow you to be distracted for a second.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. If you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, our how-to-do guide may be useful:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Township before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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