Traffic Racer Mod APK (Unlocked/Unlimited Money) 3.3

Traffic Racer is endless survival arcade game with difficult tracks and dense traffic, among which you have to maneuver and dodge. Get ready for hot and dynamic gameplay. Unlike other time killers, developers have taken care of large number of modes and good catalog of cars. It will be interesting to play both in the first minute after launch and weeks later. Open one track after another, as well as upgrade and improve cars in your own workshop. There are no classic tasks where you just need to drive along the road, as each stage implies certain difficulties and new types of obstacles. Among other racing projects, we can highlight Epic Race 3D, as well as Taxi Sim 2020.

Below we will tell you about the main features of Traffic Racer.

The project, unlike other runners, is ready to provide you with not one, but five independent game modes. It is an endless mode with narrow road, endless mode with two-lane road, limited time drive, free drive and police chase. Each of the modes is interesting in its own way. First three modes are classic races where you just drive and dodge passing cars. You can select number of track lanes according to your preference. It is worth noting that traffic on the two-lane road is much higher, so this mode may seem more difficult. Police chase can give you the opportunity to try your hand at catching criminals.

By the way, Traffic Racer has not only different modes, but also tracks. It has suburbia, snowfall, desert, night city and rainy road. If you ride in snow, rain or at night, you can earn larger amount of in-game currency. We should mention that developers have worked on the influence of road on car handling. A layer of snow and wet asphalt can lead to loss of control during strong corners and sharp changes. At night, you will be severely limited in view. Only headlights and random lampposts can help you navigate the road.

Vehicle fleet within the project is quite extensive. There are both passenger cars and trucks that feature domestic and foreign brands. Here you can choose a car to your liking. Try to cope with driving a truck at high speed and then move on to relaxed driving of executive sedan – gameplay here is very diverse. Each car costs a certain amount in dollars, so you can earn money directly during the check-in.

Each car in Traffic Racer has its own characteristics. These are speed, handling and braking. Keep all three characteristics in balance, since you never know what the road has in store. Don’t forget about cosmetic tuning. Various colors, stickers, discs and more – everything is available for you to change to suit your taste. Here you can even upgrade police car and catch criminals in stylish manner.

Picture quality in Traffic Racer is quite consistent with specifics of the platform for which it was developed. Car models are well drawn and more is not required from this project. Soundtrack perfectly complements atmosphere, repeating real sounds of engines presented in game cars.

We bring to your attention a mod with all cars and improvements to them unlocked. There is also unlimited money feature, while all ads are removed.

Based on our review of Traffic Racer, we can confirm that mod works great. Initially, you get access to all cars in the game, as well as any colors and visual tuning. You just have to choose among more than 40 models and choose the coolest one. There are also unlimited resources. Moreover, you won’t be bored with annoying ads. Just download the game and enjoy unlocked gameplay.

Traffic Racer is car arcade game. The key difference between this genre and car simulator is the availability of gameplay for beginner or gamer who has no experience playing such applications. Traffic Racer is easy to understand. Unlike the simulator, there is no steering wheel or tilt control.

User only needs to make a swipe in the desired direction in order to transfer his car to another lane. There are also keys for braking, accelerating and turning on the headlights. The latter function allows you driving at night or in heavy rain. The game has several modes of arrival, among which there are both simple and difficult. For example, race with changing weather conditions belongs to the latter.

Fight smart NPCs and try to stay on the track as long as possible in Traffic Racer without colliding with other traffic participants. Buy new cars, upgrade them and improve their appearance.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Traffic Racer before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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