Turbo Dismount Mod APK (Unlocked) 1.43.0

Turbo Dismount is a simulator and a constructor at the same time. Welcome to an excellent game for those who likes cars of various models and sizes. However, you have to not only love, but also destroy and shred cars and surrounding objects in the most devastating accidents! Create obstacles for the selected vehicle, accelerate the car and watch how the dummy doll in the driver’s seat flies out through the windshield or crumples under a pile of game metal. A fascinating project for fans of experiments and destruction may be of interest to those who have own cars and can offer the most unusual variants of crash tests. By the way, if you like to do mind-blowing stunts on the car, then we have prepared for you Torque Burnout and Nitro Nation Drag & Drift.

Secret Exit released Turbo Dismount in 2012 and has provided the app with a new lease of life thanks to a major update last year. The app boasts over 50 million downloads and a 4.2 rating.

Turbo Dismount allows the user to play as dummy doll, similar to the model used in real crash tests. Feel free to move along the game streets in all possible ways – on foot, by bicycle, motor vehicle, bus, truck or car. In the process, the gamer can improve doll characteristics in order to earn the maximum amount of points and currency. You can subsequently spend your earnings on different improvements and upgrades. In addition, you can use points to show off your achievement in front of friends or other live players.

Turbo Dismount prompts the user to create an emergency with maximum damage to main character and vehicle. Just correctly place obstacles on the path of your car. As you progress through you open access to a variety of cars and obstacles that can significantly increase the variability of creating accidents and make the game even more fun. Use the opportunity to create the perfect accident by own standards!

The main feature of this accident simulator is the ability to consider the created situation in all details, both during start-up and after it. Developers added the ability to record the walkthrough, which allows you to review accidents from different angles, including the viewpoint of the doll. In addition, Turbo Dismount allows you go through one location as many times as you like in order to achieve the maximum score and spectacle.

Despite the release year of Turbo Dismount, the graphics still have high quality. The main emphasis of graphic design comes down to gameplay physics. Therefore, all accidents and collisions look very impressive and realistic. Nevertheless, this entertaining game looks even funny thanks to the graphics. Sound design matches the process, as all sounds fit harmoniously and do not spoil the general perception. We can also note the sounds accompanying the accident itself, as its use creates a sense of presence for the player.

First, the player has to choose a location and a vehicle, and only then place obstacles to create an emergency. The correct positioning of obstacles, as well as vehicle, gives the most effective accident. However, from the beginning of the game, there are not many constructor options available to use. As usually, you can access to the sandbox set only for real money or in-game currency. In order to enjoy the game in all possible building options, you can install Turbo Dismount mod with unlocked everything. It allows you to build any route with any vehicle. 

We confirm that after installing unlocked mod for Turbo Dismount, you can get many additional features at your disposal. Choose one of the many positions where your doll usually starts the ride as it can affect final destruction. In addition, you can choose from a variety of tracks and different vehicles. Each of the cars has its own shape and technical characteristics. That is why accidents always look different, but at the same time very impressive. We also have tested game installation file and can confirm that it is safe to use.

The main character of Turbo Dismount is crash test dummy, which becomes the only victim of what is happening on the screen. This silent passenger takes all the hits in any accident. Moreover, it would be incorrect to raise the plot issue in general, since it does not exist in games of this genre. Who needs a story and atmospheric characters when the main game goal is different? Your task within the gameplay is to come up with the most spectacular and sophisticated way to break the dummy. Plan the next accident, prepare the track and make damage.

Visually, Turbo Dismount boasts realistic high-level 3D graphics. The gameplay includes a reliable model of object physics. Thanks to video sequence and themed sounds, you can get the impression of direct contact with a dummy. The player has an extensive list of options in order to break the long-suffering dummy permanently. For example, you can create a very complex track, and then run the main character along it. Alternatively, you can just push multiple units of public transport together. The user acts as a kind of conductor, setting the basis for subsequent accident, but not taking direct part in the collision.

Turbo Dismount is an interesting, addicting simulation game where you can lead dummy from light collisions to grandiose crashes. Throw away all doubts and download funny, beautiful app in which you can linger for a very long time!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Turbo Dismount before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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