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Vector 2 is the long-awaited continuation of the popular runner for Android. The new part has brand graphics and animation, improved controls and even more fun gameplay, which, by the way, has become much more complicated. The game action takes place in a harsh totalitarian world, where each person obeys a single system capable of controlling someone else’s mind. Our character was a test rat in inhuman experiments. Now he has to flee, overcoming endless levels of the laboratory complex to save his life. He has no super powers, but only agility and an endless desire to survive. If you like reaction test games like this, you can also download Sling Kong and Cube Surfer.

Along with the first part of the dilogy, Vector 2 was also a huge success among players. Let’s take a look at its innovations.

All actions performed by the hero are interconnected. Therefore, if he finds a key card during passing the level, then soon, even in another location, it may be useful to him. If you didn’t find the key in time, you have to return. Otherwise, you cannot go further. That is why you have to approach the level with responsibility. After all, it is necessary not only to reach the end but also to get everything from the stage to the maximum. Non-linear plot is another advantage of Vector 2. Running wherever you look does not mean breaking out of the laboratory. You need to think about where to go and how to work your way to victory. After all, not only the final depends on this, but also its success.

There are no huge locations in Vector 2. Levels do not differ in length. Each map looks like some secret room, and only through the windows, you can see houses around. These houses look like in a fantasy about travel to the future. You have to jump on platforms that mate with each other in different ways. Platforms are very tricky and can suddenly bounce, beginning to shift or move apart.

Vector 2 can amaze you with the prevalence of dark colors and shadow effects. However, the dangerous red laser beams look especially ominous against this background. If during the walkthrough you lost your life, then you have the opportunity to start passing the level again. Nevertheless, do not expect the traps to remain in the same place in this case. They move to a new place and wait for you again. In addition to the laser, the security system servants equipped with stun guns also pose a danger. One hit is enough to damage the hero’s energy reserve.

As already mentioned the graphics emphasize various tricks and overcoming traps. In fact, these are the only animations available in Vector 2. Despite its variety, most of the levels have dark colors, but this does not distract from the gameplay. The sound component of the game includes light music, which allows you to focus as much as possible on the game walkthrough.

The main difference from the first part is an influence of in-game currency on the walkthrough. You cannot pass certain parts of the levels without special equipment. If you complete all the levels perfectly, you can easily collect the required amount of money. The only caveat of Vector 2 is that it is almost impossible to complete the stage perfectly. You have to spend a lot of time to collect enough money to buy the necessary equipment. That is why we offer you to download the mod for unlimited money that allows you to buy all the necessary items and complete the game easily.

Our team has tested Vector 2 with mod for unlimited money and can guarantee its full functionality. Operations performed with money do not cause suspicion of developers, so you cannot worry about getting a ban. Moreover, we also tested the mod for viruses. The results showed that the installation file is completely safe. You can install the game using our instructions below.

Compared to the first part, the game has many options for equipment that directly affect the gameplay. The helmet protects the player from damage in case of falling into a trap, and special gloves allow you to open protected doors. The vest helps reduce laser damage, and the fortified boots can keep the hero alive after mine explosion. You can purchase equipment with earned points and coins after completing each level. It is impossible to pass some levels without special equipment, so it is better to collect coins you come across.

The number of levels in Vector 2 is not limited, there is no final as such. However, the game has a rating that allows you to compare your achievements with other players. For donation, you can buy features that can improve your character. You can obtain bonuses by watching a commercial or by performing special tasks.

Vector 2 is an interesting arcade game with a well-thought-out game world, storyline and gameplay. The player does not have to jump over obstacles and gaps. It is necessary to overcome a difficult game location with many traps and tricks. You need to think over the walkthrough, but there is no time to think – you have to run. Compared to the first part, the developers added a lot of features and mechanics, so the game can entice you for a long time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Vector 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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