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Vector is Android runner game from Nekki developers that immerses the user in world of extreme parkour. Your main task comes down to only one thing – complete the track in the most efficient way without falling into the hands of guards. It is extremely important to collect various bonuses for a higher-ranking position. In total, game offers the user many different levels, several locations, as well as two full modes. Vector leaves a pleasant impression, although it doesn’t stand out for its particularly spectacular graphics or multifaceted gameplay. If you like arcade games or just want to kill time, you can also download Rope Hero: Vice Town and Evil Nun 2.

Find out more details about the legendary hit from Nekki in our review.

Vector’s plot tells you about a world that has grown from a corner of paradise into a tough totalitarian regime. The authorities keep every inhabitant under a hood, and all those who disagree fall into custody. Find yourself in shoes of the same daredevil who decided to challenge the regime. Authorities immediately noticed your character, which led to an endless run that leads the hero to his supposed salvation. It so happened that your character is excellent in parkour. Quite by accident, the police officer who is catching up with you also knows something about tricks and jumps. All this gives you not only addictive gameplay, but also additional motivation.

It’s not even worth talking about Vector popularity. The number of downloads on Play Market is over one hundred million. Just imagine the total number of download across all platforms where the game is available. Although its rating is 4.4 points, the game still has some problems with optimization on older devices.

Tricks deserve special attention. There are several dozen of stunts in Vector that amaze with its complexity and technique of execution. All tricks fit perfectly into the overall environment and noticeably increase the lead over the pursuer. From the very beginning of your journey against the system, only a couple of simple tricks is available to you. As you progress through the campaign, you earn points needed to buy new tricks. Moreover, you may face a situation when in order to get three stars for level completion, you need to perform some somersault, but it is still locked. This mechanic not harms, but only offers you to replay the completed levels and earn the required number of points.

Vector has no focus on graphics and creates all conditions of constant drive and hardcore for the player. Most of the levels have poor lightning, while the main character has no appearance at all. On the other hand, dynamics and animation of characters are commendable. The sound in the game includes by a set of the simplest sounds and a cool soundtrack that does not allow you to relax even for a minute.

We suggest you download Vector with mod for unlimited money so that you can overcome obstacles easier. In addition, you also have the opportunity to dress up your character with various accessories. You will never recognize his true face, but you can put on him a cap and a scarf without any problems.

Our team tested unlimited money feature for Vector. Based on the verification results, we can fully guarantee the performance of modified version. You can make unlimited purchases in the game already after the first launch. Moreover, we also checked this mod for viruses. According to the results, installation file has no threats.

The whole Vector storyline comes down to a freedom-loving office employee who cannot withstand pressure of the system and goes on the run. However, the system doesn’t want to put up with such disobedience and sends security officer armed with an electric shock after the hero.

Your task is to react to obstacles in time – jump, tilt and accelerate. The character easily performs various elements of parkour. It looks impressive and makes you want to go through the level to the end. If the guard catches up the hero, then lose all your progress and start the level again. There are many locations in Vector. However, new tracks become available only after completing the previous ones. Each next location contains many new levels.

The controls in the game are extremely simple. The character is constantly in motion – he runs forward. You just have to press up – to jump, down – to squat, right to speed up and left to slow down. However, the walkthrough becomes more difficult with each level. Your guard becomes faster and more agile, while the obstacles in your path get more unusual.

Vector is not a game for weaklings. Not everyone is able to be tense throughout the round and have time to react to obstacles in time. Nevertheless, those lucky ones who take the risk can feel like real extremals. With a touch of freedom and danger, this game breaks the stereotypes of standard thinking of office plankton. Only one person from the general gray mass is able to challenge the system and test himself on the path to freedom. Download Vector and become this rebel. Prove to everyone that dullness and boredom are not about you.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Vector before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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