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War Tortoise 2 is an interesting action game from the developers of Foursaken Media. Go to a fantasy world where bloody wars are taking place. Here you have to experience the hottest clashes in order to defeat enemies and seize valuable resources. Explore large territories, destroy enemy combat fortifications, build defenses and summon new units to defeat everyone in your path. This project is an idle shooter that combines active action with a huge number of additional improvements and many settings. Equip your battle tortoise with a variety of weapons ranging from plasma rifles to machine guns and rocket launchers. Unlock dozens of new heroes who can join your army. Each of them has own special skills and abilities. Enjoy other fun shooters like Galaxy Invaders: Alien Shooter and Tacticool.

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Playing War Tortoise 2, you have to visit eight unique worlds with own characteristics and weather effects. At the beginning of each level, the player finds himself on a small map with different landscape, such as forest, snow, mountain and desert. You cannot move – just shoot and rotate the camera. Dozens of types of enemies attack you in waves. Come across running, jumping and even flying creatures. The main goal is to repel the attack and prevent enemies from approaching your tank. Moreover, you can use special NPCs who will fight enemy shoulder to shoulder with you.

Take part in dynamic action with large-scale battles watching what is happening in War Tortoise 2 from third person view. Each completed level brings you a certain amount of game currency on your account. With its help, you can upgrade your tortoise and its weapons. Add power to your weapons or buy new ones. Start the game with a simple machine gun mounted on the roof of your tortoise and progress through the story. Buy howitzers, rocket launchers or plasma weapons. All is fair in war.

In addition to upgrading weapons directly, you can enlist the support of other characters. Only you have to choose who can help you in destroying enemies. Keep in mind that each of ten heroes in War Tortoise 2 has its own advantages and disadvantages. Summon a sniper squirrel for help and significantly increase the aiming range of your attacks. Use services of a fighting hamster that can kill everyone on the way to your turtle. By completing each level, you get an opportunity to choose one of three passive skills. You can increase the number of lives for your tortoise, develop power or simply add place to your clip.

The graphics in War Tortoise 2 are excellent. Explosions and shots look realistic and bright. High-quality sound and weather effects greatly complement the existing picture. Game can easily help you entertain yourself, for example, sitting in line, but experienced gamers looking for novelty can quickly get bored.

We bring to your attention a mod for unlimited money. Use it to make the gameplay much easier and more interesting in terms of destroying enemies and equipping your combat vehicle.

Our testers have checked the functionality of War Tortoise 2 and its mod for unlimited amount of money. Indeed, the modified version works correctly. By starting the game, you get several million virtual coins on your account that you can spend at your discretion. However, we warn you that developers are closely monitoring their project and often release new updates that may affect mod operation. Installation file is safe, so you can use it without fear. The only thing worth worrying about is the possibility of being blocked in the game.

War Tortoise 2 is a game where player’s reaction and attentiveness is important. Shooting carries out automatically, you only need to direct the sight at advancing enemies. The entire project includes several large battles, where players have to destroy a large number of enemies. Importantly, you can improve your hero right during the battle, using an active pause mode. At this time, you can upgrade tortoise, heal or even purchase a new hero. You can choose passive upgrade skills only between battles.

In general, War Tortoise 2 surprises with its non-standard approach. Where else have you seen giant tortoise battles? Compared to the first part, developers have made a tangible step forward by adding new heroes, perks and locations. Speaking of locations, they can delight you with a variety, because battles take place in almost any weather conditions.

War Tortoise 2 does not offer revolutionary new gameplay, but it may well captivate many players. Shoot enemies and get stronger, develop your accuracy and strategic thinking in this addicting game.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original War Tortoise 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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