Water Connect Puzzle Mod APK (No Ads) 5.0.0

Water Connect Puzzle is an original non-standard application, which is a unique puzzle that can make your brainwork active. Take on the role of a plumber, capable of infiltrating any plumbing system. This very exciting and challenging activity can delight everyone who wants to practice finding non-standard solutions. The game has a format of simulator of hydraulic works on separate fields, consisting of puzzle sections. Supply water to fields insufficiently moistened by natural means through narrow channels or pipes visible in the section. The player’s task is to connect all the pipes so that the water has reached its destination. Do you like puzzles? Check out Space Decor: Dream Home Design and Comics Bob.

Water Connect Puzzle is a huge hit on Play Market. For several months, the application has collected 5 million downloads with average score of 4 points.

The playing fields in Water Connect Puzzle are sections consisting of separate puzzle slots that player can turn in the desired direction. The number of components is different, but not less than sixteen pieces. The earths are have various bright colors: yellow, brown, blue, etc. Plants and water springs located on the square also have different colors. The game begins on a field with two almost dead trees and a source of water. Moisture does not get to the plants, because the channels for its supply are broken. The player’s task is to turn the slots so that the channel becomes solid. Then the water gets to the trees, reviving them.

Water Connect Puzzle offers users a huge number of tasks. Now there are more than a thousand different levels in the application. Everything is simple on the first two levels: turn the puzzles and supply water. However, already from the third stage, you need to show attention, supply water of certain color to trees in the same color scheme. Supply red water to red plants, yellow to yellow, etc. The longer you play, the more difficult the water channel puzzle becomes. Pay close attention to the colors you use, trying to find the right color flow. Try to keep a picture with lines in your head, because it is the only way to see all the nuances of this task immediately. Sometimes it can be very difficult to understand what is required of you, but you just need to look at the situation from a different angle. Please note that it is advisable not to cross the pipes, because in this case they can easily break under the strong pressure of water.

The difficulty of Water Connect Puzzle levels is constantly changing, which contributes to continuous stress on the brain. You have to rotate various tiles, trying to connect them to each other in correct sequence. Pay close attention to color of the plants and the water used, because in case of an error you will have to start disassembling everything again. A laborious activity requires extreme concentration. Please note that channel crossings sometimes occur, which has a very negative effect on the operating time. When you go through several levels, it becomes much easier to navigate in everything that happens. When passing the game and getting to high levels, it is worth to be even more concentrated, since the difficulty is constantly growing.

The creators of the project have added high-quality bright beautiful graphics that create an incredible image. Find a pleasant laconic style of design with absolutely nothing superfluous. Convenient and simple control allows you to figure out its functions quickly, which many users liked.

We suggest you to download and install the Water Connect Puzzle mod with all ads removed. Now you can enjoy the gameplay without being distracted by anything.

Original version of the game shows ads after each completed level. Let us remind you that there are more than a thousand of them here. Such a circumstance greatly hinders the feeling of all the charm of this worthy game. However, this problem disappears with our no ads mod. We have checked everything to guarantee you that everything works perfectly.

Brain games have been gaining in popularity lately. Everyone wants to change the type of activity during free time and spend it with benefit. Nowadays, many developers are starting to move away from designing complex games, which require a lot of time for repetitive activities. This is exactly the kind of project that Water Connect Puzzle is.

If we talk about mechanics of the gameplay in general, then you will face simple, understandable form. Each level is a map of intricate woven pipes, as well as many different splitters. Everything around is located on different sections, capable of turning in 4 directions. It is quite simple to do, because you only need to tap on them.

When you connect several cells together, water begins to flow. Each stage contains different goals, so be careful about what you need to do. Watch closely what goes to different shrubs if you don’t want to pay for mistakes. Start the process over as soon as you notice that something is wrong. If you can do it right, you will get a good reward. Do not forget about all types of plants to complete levels successfully.

The overall impression of Water Connect Puzzle is very good. Nice graphic design, bright colors, pleasant melody, absence of any aggressive moments. The application is also suitable for children, because it is so easy to develop logical thinking in it.

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