Wobble Man Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.33

Wobble Man is a modern arcade game where you need to move your character successfully to the very top of a skyscraper. Players need to direct main hero to the door that opens the way to the next floor. In the process of moving, it is important not to get caught by the police. Troublemaker must evade the watchful eyes of the guards quickly and deftly. You need to find the key and sneak unnoticed to the staircase to access a new location. The game map becomes more difficult and larger with each level. Number of law keepers also increases along with it. Challenge dozens of different challenges, ranging from hidden objects to solving puzzles. We have prepared other arcade games for you, such as Rocket Sky and Car Safety Check.

Dynamic arcade game Wobble Man will definitely cheer you up. It will surely appeal to even the most fastidious players.

There are many different levels in Wobble Man. All locations are unique and interesting in their own way. Main character has to visit offices, residential apartments, utility blocks and numerous other premises of a huge skyscraper. At the same time, he comes across bonus levels with no need to run or hide. They are full of gold coins, which you must collect in the allotted time. Each floor pleasantly surprises with new elements filling the gaming space. Some subjects may be useful. While playing, you should pay attention to all the details of the environment. If necessary, move furniture and pick up the scattered tools. Do not forget to bypass the traps or use them to distract the guards.

Take advantage of each floor in Wobble Man to hide in nooks and crannies or behind various objects. Other agents constantly look for you, so try to get rid of them. In order to do this, activate various mechanisms, such as laser beams or huge knives, which quickly clear the way for you. At the same time, do not fall into another trap yourself, because you will have to go through the stage from the very beginning. Feel like a real secret agent in the midst of dangerous criminals and other foreign bloodhounds.

Your task is to get out of the endless building, divided into hundreds of levels of increasing difficulty. If at first it is enough to slip behind the back of next cop, then further you will come across various puzzles and locks.

A nice bonus is the ability to change the appearance of main character. During passing the levels, you can enlarge your arsenal: Batman clothes, zombie fancy dress and other funny vestments. The main weapon is appearance. At the same time, you do not need to dress up in the notorious jackets and ties, be more original. In-game store features a bunch of cool skins that can change your image beyond recognition. Dress up as hockey player, try cool sombrero or Mexican cape, become vampire or cat.

Wobble Man is a great rendering of 3D objects. Quite colorful graphics with good elaboration of small details. The whole range of shades is pleasant for perception and does not cause rejection. Separately, it is worth noting the complete absence of sharp, extremely tiring colors for the eyes.

By completing Wobble Man missions, you can earn coins needed to buy various weapons, items and cool skins. The store includes dozens of different items, both cheap and unique available only for donation. However, you can download mod for unlimited money and get almost everything at once.

Unlimited money mod works, as we have seen this by our example. Please note that despite the infinite amount of game currency, you will not be able to purchase all improvements. Some of them are accessible only for real money. However, most of the items are available to players.

Wobble Man is a great casual game that, at first glance, looks very simple, but is capable of surprising from the first seconds of the gameplay. Interestingly enough, you have to try on the role of a clever bandit who is trying with all his might to avoid punishment.

The gameplay may easily resemble classic arcades. There are many levels at your disposal. You will need to complete the current task without fail. Developers implemented top view camera, so you will always see the entire location. Keep track of opponent’s movement and find the point of transition to the next level.

All casual games are interesting because they are simple and unconventional. This game project is no exception. You need to learn to be neat and quiet, even more inconspicuous than a creeping tiger. You will not have to spend so much time on this, but you need to be attentive and focused 100%. Develop your own successful strategy, move towards your goal and take action. It is not always possible to achieve everything the first time, so don’t be discouraged and start over.

If you are ready to plunge into this unique world, then just follow the instructions. First, you need to download Wobble Man on your android device. Now play and stay unnoticed for law enforcement officers. In the meantime, enjoy colorful graphics, simple gameplay and many interesting levels.

Wobble Man is suitable for players of all ages. This application will train your attentiveness and intuition, so we advise you to download it.

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