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Wood Shop is one of the most interesting and unusual woodcarving simulators where you have to learn how to handle various tools and create your own items. You can start with the simplest things and study arsenal of the carpenter. Find many incomprehensible and useful devices that can help you make holes, remove outer layers of bark from your blanks. Polish your product and send it to the client. If you have ever dreamed of your own workshop or wanted to learn how to work with wood, then now you have a great chance. At the same time, all functions in the game are completely free. The developers have made sure that the gameplay is as dynamic and interesting as possible. Download Heroes Inc! and Rocket Sky.

Wood Shop has been on the market for less than a year, but if we look at official statistics, there are more than ten million downloads. This fact brought the game to the top lines of gaming charts, so we consider this as major success. It will be useful to pay attention to more than eighty-seven thousand reviews, most of which are positive. Project rating also pleases developer – we are talking about 3.9 points.

Wood Shop’s gameplay draws on carpentry in all its forms. The single player campaign involves completing of huge number of levels, which essence is to complete various orders. Campaign consists of chapters, each of which corresponds to a specific topic. Start your professional career with various decorative items and move on to wooden toys, animal figurines, full-fledged tools and so on. Each such chapter has about five orders, so you will not have to sit too long on one topic. It is necessary to monitor the accuracy of work.

The process of making a product in Wood Shop starts with creating a blank. This process happens automatically, so you can only watch how the shapeless tree trunk turns into a neat cylinder. Next, you pick up the chisel and grind off all the extra parts from the work piece. It is noteworthy that players can choose shape and size of tool cutting edge. This feature is useful because some products requires you to be slightly more accurate than others.

Work piece rotates quickly, so you need to apply the chisel to the place where you want to remove some of material. See outlines and object shape that you need to obtain after your manipulations. The next step is sanding the surface. Use sanding sponge to clean off those millimeters of material left after processing with a chisel. Unfortunately, you cannot choose the size of the sponge and its shape, but its default option does an excellent job with products of any shape. The final stage is painting the finished product. You cannot choose color of the paint in Wood Shop, but you can easily use the spray with your own hands.

Completed products bring you a reward for spending on purchase of skins. Here you can purchase various skins for chisel, spray paint and sponge. Cosmetics do not affect the gameplay in any way, but its presence brings some variety to the gameplay. Wood Shop has no donation options that involve purchase of in-game currency, but you can receive additional rewards for viewing ads. There is only one paid option here, which turns off ads in the game.

Wood Shop developers have prepared high-quality three-dimensional graphics, which in a realistic form allows you to observe the carving process. In addition, a rather attractive mechanics awaits you. All actions look as colorful as possible, chips fly in all directions and the blank eventually turn into another work of art.

As mentioned above, the function of disabling ads is paid. However, it is easy to fix by using our mod that deletes all ads. In addition, you can purchase any skins, even if you don’t have enough coins on your account.

As you might guess, Wood Shop isn’t going to tell you any storyline. The entire gameplay focuses on workflow, which involves creation of all kinds of crafts. A long line of orders awaits you, during which you have to create the most amazing objects from simple wood. It is noteworthy that almost all processes typical for the manufacture of products take place under your strict control.

Use special tools, including chisel with different types of cutting edges, sanding sponge and paint cans. Equipment can help you bring your craft to life, turning it into fairy-tale characters, animals and so on. You need to follow the terms of reference in order to turn out the product the way you intended it. There are special hints on the screen that give you a certain idea of ​​next creation. Players also can evaluate and compare works will results of other gamers.

Despite the cartoonishness of Wood Shop, the developers tried to make the gameplay as close as possible to the real work of a carpenter. It is necessary to use not one, but several tools at once. Overall gameplay comes down to the classic passage of levels. As in any arcade, you have to complete one stage after another. In turn, each of them has its own specific task prepared. Moreover, you cannot skip or postpone the mission in any way. However, there is no energy scale or certain number of lives, so if you fail to complete the necessary tasks, you can try as many times as you like.

Every level in Wood Shop starts the same. You can use all the available tools and huge mechanism installed in the middle. First, it is necessary to remove the bark from blanks, which interferes with working directly with the wood. In turn, you will see the finished product that you need to complete using your blank. Here your imagination enters the process in combination with the available tools.

For example, you can cut out certain shapes using a jigsaw. Emery is the easiest for removing thin irregularities and layers that may remain after processing with coarser means. As a result, you just have to go over the finished item with sandpaper and start painting. Use special aerosol for this. Moreover, there is no need to choose colors or create patterns on your own. Just point the spray at the product to paint it in desired color automatically.

Wood Shop has turned out to be quite fun with a lot of features and tools that you can use to carve wood. You can also note the pleasant mechanics and high-quality graphics, simple controls, as well as the economy, which has little effect on the gameplay.

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