World Chef Mod APK (Instant Cooking) 2.7.5

World Chef is a business strategy game in which you have to develop a small, humble restaurant into a VIP class establishment. If you love to cook, then this game can develop your culinary talent many times over. Start with a small café and transform it into a very popular establishment. For this, you need to go through many tasks that creators of this simulator put before the players. You have to play the role of a chef and a restaurant owner at the same time. The tasks of your character include the creation of culinary masterpieces and arrangement of restaurant premises. Serve customers and do things to please them. The restaurant business bases on regular customers. Provide your enterprise with them. We also advise you to download Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game and My City: Hospital.

Check out our roundup аor a better understanding of all aspects of gameplay.

World Chef has a large database of dishes that you can treat your guests and delight customers with their taste. However, this game you need not only to cook, but also to engage in organizational activities. Famous chefs have to expand the restaurant. You must hire and develop in conditions of your institution. Give your restaurant a corporate identity and make it recognizable to the public. At first, the process of preparing food and eating it by visitors is quick. However, you will have to wait longer in the future with the advent of complex and exclusive dishes.

With an increase in the level, new cooks, tables, decorations, plants, elements of kitchen furniture and more become available to you. There is a huge number of them in World Chef, thanks to which you can make your restaurant unique. Stove Assistant, Bartender, Milk Assistant, Snack Chef, World Cuisine Specialists, Vegetarian Chef – hire whoever you see fit. Some of them are paid with in-game currency, earned by cooking, others – with diamonds issued for achievements and when opening special containers.

Get additional tables to receive more customers and decorations to make your establishment more respectable and popular. Previously, main hero grandfather run the restaurant and it had three stars. Now you have to return it to its former glory in order to attract the attention of respectable people and start serving various events. In addition, the more beautiful the environment, the higher the chance of getting a tip. By playing World Chef, you may notice that regular visitors are constantly arriving. Despite the occasional exclamation of displeasure, you do not have to worry that you are not able to serve them right away – they will wait their turn.

World Chef has nice graphics, carefully designed animations and intuitive controls, thanks to which the process of passing only evokes positive emotions. There is also pleasant music that accompanies you during the gameplay. There are practically no other sound effects, but this is far from the main thing in the project.

World Chef game currencies are gold coins and diamonds. You can get them for completing various tasks and achieving success in business. The first currency is simple for earning without straining at all. As far as diamonds are concerned, this premium currency allows you to shorten the preparation time of order or other activities in the game. However, you can do without diamonds. Just download our mod that allows you to cook dishes instantly, saving your time and money.

Story tells that you got a restaurant from your grandfather. He led it for a long time and was a chef, but now he decided to retire and start traveling. Before leaving, cheerful elderly man agreed to help and give you an initial briefing. When you first start the game, he will help you get comfortable and familiar with the basic controls.

A visitor has appeared and is looking forward to the waiter. It is enough to touch the table at which he is sitting to receive an order from him. Did he want beef patties? Well, we go to the grill assistant and load him with work. When everything is ready, pick up the dish and take it to the client.

Some visitors to World Chef may have difficult orders that you are unable to complete. For example, a client wants white wine, and you have not planted a vineyard yet. In this case, you have two choices – buy the desired product on the market (it costs a decent amount) or simply kick out the client by highlighting him and clicking on the corresponding icon.

Difficulty of World Chef gameplay increases, as you reach the next level. Develop your restaurant, earn income and buy ingredients for new dishes. Your task is to make guests come to your restaurant. However, the more people who want to taste your dishes, the more space you need to allocate for tables and food storage. It is difficult to turn a small restaurant into a premium class establishment. Nevertheless, it is quite possible. It is necessary to take a step forward every day towards the planned goal.

The main guarantee of a successful business is its constant expansion. New plots for construction open up for you with the transitions to new levels. Use them to expand your restaurant space and make your business flourish.

World Chef will appeal to all cooking lovers. Many opportunities for development of the restaurant business allow you to create here the catering establishment of which you are dreaming.

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