World Truck Driving Simulator Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.213

World Truck Driving Simulator Mod

World Truck Driving Simulator is a trucker simulator from the developers of Dynamic Games Ltda. The game allows you to plunge into the world of long and winding roads and interesting adventures. Your main task is to deliver cargo from one point to another, driving a powerful truck. Buy a car, choose an order and set off to explore the vast world, where something interesting can wait for you at every turn. Exciting events and beautiful landscapes, sometimes very difficult roads and adventures await you. This game is also a great way to test your driving skills using realistic physics and great functionality of truck settings.

Can you guess why the game has 400 thousand positive reviews? Learn about the main advantages of World Truck Driving Simulator from our review.

At the beginning, a certain amount of money is available to you, for which you can buy your first car in order to go to fulfill orders. As you progress, you will earn money and level up, thanks to which new different models of cars become available. Each of them has its own power and technical characteristics. Here are European, American and even Brazilian models. Choose a car for your driving style and go to conquer the huge world of World Truck Driving Simulator.

The game developers were engaged in a test drive on real trucks and consultations before the release of the project. Therefore, the game turned out to be extremely realistic in terms of physics. It is as close to reality as possible. If you have ever sat behind the wheel of a truck, then you will immediately understand that developers made everything here conscientiously and with love. Features even include changing the behavior of the car depending on weather conditions and banal laws of physics that work in World Truck Driving Simulator exactly as they should.

In addition to the fact that World Truck Driving Simulator presents several models of different cars, you can engage in the process of deep appearance and internal customization. Choose from colorful skins and customize trucks, trailers and driver’s appearance to adjust everything to your liking. Get under the hood and tune the gearbox, engine, suspension and even the wipers. Make the car of your dreams as comfortable and fun to drive as possible, covering long distances on your route.

While traveling, you won’t get bored, because in World Truck Driving Simulator it seems as if you are driving through a real living city, where people walk and cars drive. Be careful while driving so as not to crash into a nearby car and run over anyone. Observe the traffic rules or otherwise you can get a fine. After all, keep a close eye on the weather, because as it changes, your truck starts to behave differently. Drive the wide freeway, or take an order and take it on a journey along sticky dirt roads that scatter mud all over your cab. Feel like a real trucker, traveling along beautiful and high-speed roads and get reward for timely delivery of cargo.

World Truck Driving Simulator offers realistic graphics. This applies both to the truck itself and to the surroundings on the road. Most importantly, the game has perfect optimization, so that any owner of even an average Android device can play it. As for the sounds, motor roar, turn signals and brakes – every aspect has high quality as developers made everything with love. All these effects can help you immerse yourself in the everyday world of a trucker.

World Truck Driving Simulator is free to play but comes with many in-app purchases. First, to buy new trucks you need in-game currency. However, if you don’t want to wait and work hard to collect the needed sum, we suggest you install unlimited money mod. It allows you to receive an unlimited amount of currency on your account. Therefore, you can choose the coolest truck from the first minute and customize it according to your will.

By the way, if you prefer a motorcycle rides, we advise you to try the exciting Traffic Rider. For fans of luxury cars and extreme speed, we can offer Asphalt 9: Legends.

We have tested World Truck Driving Simulator on our Android devices. We guarantee you the correct and safe operation of unlimited money mod. The funds appear on your game account immediately after installing the modified version of the game.

The game starts with the fact that you choose a car, then visit the base and select an order. You can opt for a cheap short-distance contract to hone your skills, or take on a big deal right away with great rewards. You will also be given the opportunity to choose the cargo itself, whether it is food, building materials or computer equipment.

The amount of money you receive for your work depends on damage level of your cargo. If you crashed somewhere in the direction of travel, then you receive less money as a payment. The game also provides a system of levels, the higher it is, the more cars and skins are available to you. You also can get awards for successful tasks, no damage, and correct parking upon arrival.

In addition to changing the weather, the game has a change of day and night. Police officers with radars can be on duty along the road edges and can happily fine you for speeding or any other violation. Also, while driving, don’t forget to visit gas stations, pay money on toll roads and tax stations.

Another nice trick is having your own driver’s license, where you can insert your personal photo. The certificate contains information about your level, number of fines, transported goods, vehicle mileage, as well as the number of cars you have in stock. You can show off all this diversity to your friends by simply sharing a picture with them.

World Truck Driving Simulator is possibly the best game in its genre for Android. If you love trucker simulators or just want to enjoy a leisurely and calm gameplay, then it is a great choice for you.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Delete the original version of World Truck Driving Simulator before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation.

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