Wormate.io Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 4.0.6

.io games have already captured top-ranked arcade fans. Wormate.io is one of the analogues of Slither.io and Agar.io released in the 2010s. Welcome to a playing field with several dozen players, presented in form of multi-colored worms. The main goal is to reach top of the best players on server and hold this position as long as possible. Game is definitely different from usual Slither.io and below we will tell you why. If you like action shooters, then we also recommend you to download War Tortoise 2 and Day R Survival.

Fans of such arcades rated the game in Google Play Market for a solid four, because it features many cool advantages.

Wormate.io allows you to choose from several colors: green, blue, red and yellow. Each player has a choice of these four colors free. However, later, having accumulated a sufficient amount of gold coins, you can look into the store and purchase new skin for your worm. Unlike the number of skin color, game contains other cool options to wear on you worm: striped, patterned, flagged, abstract, space and others. The brighter the skin, the more expensive its cost. However, it is not the only decoration for your worm. Another tab in the store allows you to make good eyes and sweet smile for your character. You can pick up hat and glasses in the same Clothes tab.

The main food for the worm in acclaimed Slither.io was glowing balls scattered across the playing field. Wormate.io invites the player to move away from formal rigor by collecting various goodies instead of fireflies: pies, ice cream, pieces of cake, oranges and raspberries, donuts and macaroons. After losing, worm disintegrates back into the eaten wealth. A variety of sweets can delight any player, while colorful atmosphere allows players to enjoy the game for a long time.

There are several dozen players from different countries on the playing field. However, only ten of them can get on the tabloid. Moreover, everyone has a chance to lead this top ten, gaining more points, highlighted in the upper right corner. Wormate.io rules are not complicated, so all players can try themselves as the first place winners.

The graphics of Wormate.io are different from other genre representatives. There is less realism and shadows here, but overall cartoonishness complements the game and makes it less serious in comparison with other projects. The bright skin colors and colorful playing field allow participants to immerse in this adventure survival fully.

In total, game controls are simple: the only action you need to do is to tap the screen. By keeping your finger on the screen, you can control the worm by changing its direction. If you add a second tap in addition to the first one, then worm rapidly move across the playing field – it is acceleration option.

There is no music in the game. Moreover, there is no music either in menu or during gameplay. Settings allow you to turn on the tactile mode – vibration when absorbing sweets or when receiving new boosters.

In-game store in Wormate.io appears closed at game beginning: there are simply not enough coins to buy the most banal skin. It takes a lot of time and games to save up for solid points, but buying and improving the appearance of your worm is not the main task in this game. In such cases, it is possible to use our unlimited money mod. By its use, you automatically increase number of gold coins, making appearance of your character much brighter. Therefore, you can make your gameplay process more interesting and fun.

Our team has tested unlimited money mod for Wormate.io and can confirm its full functionality. By its first launch, you can get almost endless supplies of in-game currency need for purchasing different skins for your worms. In addition, we should say that installation file contains no viruses, as we checked its safety with several antivirus apps. In order to install the game correctly, please, use our recommendations below.

There is no tutorial in Wormate.io. It is the only one .io game where you can select playing mode. After entering the game, you can register account using Facebook or Google. However, guest mode is also open for every gamer. Game account allows you to gain experience and move from one level to another, as well as be sure in safety of the received data.

First mode is the arena. Here everyone plays for himself. There are no players to stand up and protect, because everyone is responsible only for his character. Team mode divides players into two teams: red and blue. Members of opposing team usually have red colors, while your allies are blue, making it impossible to make a mistake in choosing elimination target. Another advantage of team play in Wormate.io is defending against each other. Allies can easily collide with each other, because this does not lead to the death of one of collision participants.

The goal of this mode is to force opponents to crash into the worm torso in order to collect resources after their death. It makes the player stronger and bring him closer to the main goal – top ten best players on the server. Throughout the entire gameplay, you need to be extremely careful, because large worms can safely surround the worm at initial level and it is almost impossible to get out of this trap.

Wormate.io shows the amazing new side of battles for the first place among worms. Play as one of the teams and defeat opponents, eliminating them from the battlefield. Each player can take first place among the server players and stand out from other fight participants.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Wormate.io before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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