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Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel is a video blogger simulator. Create your YouTube channel and try to gain popularity. The game has several directions: letsplayer (a person who plays games), cooking, sports, music and fashion. Choose a congenial path and get recognition. Begin your journey with a simple PC at your parents’ home. Moreover, if you do everything right, you can not only earn money for your own home, but also find a bunch of interesting friends to have fun. If you have always dreamed of trying to open your own YouTube channel, then first you can try this simulator. It perfectly demonstrates the main principles of this business. You can also become famous actor in Hollywood Story and pirate in Mutiny: Pirate Survival.

Despite the fact that Google Play distributes Youtubers Life on a paid basis, it has over 100 thousand installations. Find out more about the benefits of this game.

You have to not only record videos with playthrough, but also perform some daily routine actions. From the very beginning, the main character is practically unknown to anyone. Your main task in Youtubers Life is to gain popularity and recognition all over the world. You can achieve it in several different ways, which depend entirely on your approach. The main place where action takes place is a small American house. Here the protagonist lives with his parents. His large living room is a workplace of an amateur blogger.

Record the most successful game streams, comment and upload them to a special video hosting site. You must always be aware of the latest events, because competitors are also on the alert. Buy updated versions of consoles. Upgrade your PC with the latest technology to increase the popularity and quality of your broadcasts. Youtubers Life requires paying great attention to time management along with the daily routine. Also, our hero communicates with members of his family, spends time with friends and acquaintances. The increase in popularity and number of channel subscribers can also affect relationships with other characters.

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel has a powerful video editor that you need to use for an immersive, atmospheric gameplay. When starting a new game, you learn built-in interactive course and tutorial, introducing players to the basics of game control. Players are in full control of the content that appear on the channel. Starting with an unknown streamer, you then break into all the top world rankings. Constantly improve, discover new technologies and special effects to become the number 1 video blogger.

The more viewers and subscribers you get on your channel, the more famous and media personality you become. Try to not only promote the channel, but also remember to have fun in real life! Go to the cinema with friends, attend the presentation of new games and relax in a nightclub or even on a luxury yacht. Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel consists of two halves. You can meet new friends and at the same time create new videos and broadcasts. There is always something to do after the player returns home. Once the protagonist becomes a famous person on the Internet, many VIPs want to see him in person. In addition, promoted brands and companies contact you and offer mutually beneficial sponsorship and advertising contracts. The popular streamer also has its own army of fans. They literally tear each other apart in the hope of getting your personal autograph.

The graphics in Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel cannot boast of high quality. Graphic design comes down to the cartoon style. At the same time, the gameplay does not get worse, but only more becomes conducive to the game. The developers have put their soul into every detail and animation. It is also worth highlighting the sound component of the project. There is no annoying music here, but only sounds played only at the moment of action.

In order to become a successful video blogger in Youtubers Life you need not only to be creative, but also to be rich. You constantly need to improve your workplace, appearance and master new aspects of blogging. All this requires in-game currency, which is always in short supply. In order to save you from tedious waiting and hours of accumulating money, we suggest you download unlimited money mod. With its help, you can quickly build up your production power and become one of the most famous bloggers.

Our team has tested the unlimited money mod for Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel and can guarantee its full functionality. After starting the game, you can make purchases for any amount, even if you do not have enough money. In fact, the amount of money in your account only increases as you spend. We also checked the game for viruses and malware. Scanning the installation file with antivirus did not reveal any problems.

As in any other simulator, you have to create your own character, unlike any other, and he should look interesting and cute. Everything in Youtubers Life goes completely according to the standard. You need to create a little man, indicating his hair color, clothes, change his appearance. If you really love yourself, then you can create a character completely similar to you.

Next comes the choice, it is necessary to mark exactly the category of your future streams. The plot then moves further as you see a big house where main hero and parents live. Everything is according to the standard. You have a completely simple computer that processes video for a long time. Sometimes it freezes, so you just don’t need to get upset.

Youtubers Life has a special training program that provides an opportunity to get a little experience. After completing it, you can easily start playing. In a day, you need to succeed in creating an interesting video and chat with your loved ones on social networks. You may also receive an invitation from your friends to a disco or various shows. Remember, every action happens here for a reason. For example, if you go to a party, there is no time left to create a video, so your subscribers begin to leave.

If you decide to create your own masterpiece, you quickly face major problems in your studies. Moreover, you may even face expulsion, so think carefully before each action. Do not forget to choose the equipment for shooting. When the video is shot, all that remains is to edit and publish it. Soon, you will have many regular viewers and good income.

Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel is a unique and unusual creation produced in simulation genre. The game invites you to try your hand at a new business and become a real cool person as a video blogger. Many people, watching new videos, think how cool it is to shoot a video. Just add a couple of special effects and get full enjoyment of money for watching. However, it’s not so easy. If you can’t believe it all, see for yourself.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Youtubers Life: Gaming Channel before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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