Z Escape Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.6.1

There are quite a few interesting action games in Play Store, which main goal is to save survivors and protect certain areas of action. One of these games is Z Escape. An easy and simple game allows you to have fun and interesting time. Z Escape makes you as sniper with powerful weapons who must help a group of people to survive after a zombie attack on a building. A rescue helicopter awaits blue men at the end of the path, while red men (zombies) want to prevent them from getting there. Your task is to eliminate the running targets before all survivors reach the rescue point. For fans of action games, we also recommend downloading Blob Runner 3D and Zombie Frontier 4.

Z Escape is one of the best games from HOMA GAMES, a well-known developer of many action games for Android. App has more than one million downloads in Play Store and its rating is 4 points.

The sniper must have a good rifle to defeat the undead. Initially, you have a regular rifle with common sight, which may be inconvenient on difficult levels. However, you can visit “Weapons” tab, which contains a variety of game tools to kill zombies. There are several types of weapons in Z Escape: common, epic and legendary. In order to get a new weapon, you need to pay 2500, 5000 or 10000 bucks. Sometimes it is possible to obtain weapons for completing game levels.

Roof locations change, but number and color of exits stays untouched. Survivors run from blue exit and zombies appear from red one. Main goal of sniper is to neutralize the red men before they arrive at rescue point, marked with a blue circle and “H” emblem. Roof exits are not the only way zombies can attack fugitives. Undead can climb the walls of building, land suddenly, appear in the way and even dig holes in the floor.

Not only an experienced sniper comes to the aid of the survivors, but also various additions on the map: barrels, balls and other objects filled with explosives that can destroy everyone within a meter radius. Zombies run faster than survivors do, so sniper must save at least one fugitive from certain death.

Z Escape has a number of test levels, which you complete only if at least one survivor stayed alive. Moving through the levels, player gets bucks to buy equipment. Moreover, with each new level the game becomes more and more difficult. Zombies have new moves to destroy fugitives, as their number grows and they move faster. Therefore, it is necessary to get a good weapon. Main location changes after completing every five levels: sky around changes color, roofs become winding and number of zombies increases.

Like most fast-paced action games, Z Escape has simple yet vibrant graphics. All locations have a form of white roof, which farthest edge is the landing site for rescue helicopter. Two or more roof exits are color coded, while help items are highlighted in orange: pipes, planks, balls and barrels. All people also have their own colors: good surviving characters are blue, while brutal zombies are red. There is no sound in the game, which helps to concentrate on playing the shooter. However, , you can turn on the vibration mode in the game settings, which signals loss of fugitives or opening of entrance to the roof.

Main game currency is bucks, which you can obtain by completing levels, as well as by watching commercials. It is also possible to increase final reward by watching a short video. Use your earnings to buy weapons, increase number of survivors and speed up their run. Players also have the opportunity to install Z Escape with built-in mod that allow buying weapons and boosters in unlimited quantities. Its main feature is unlimited supply of money.

Our expert team tested Z Escape. We can confirm the correct operation of above-mentioned mod. From the very beginning, you will already have unlimited supply of money for spending on various improvements for main hero. Use our solution to make the gameplay much easier with no need to think about money. By using the provided opportunity, players cannot get a ban from developers, so you can safely download and install the presented version oo your device.

Game starts from the first level, in which main character needs to eliminate evil zombies and save survivors. After all blue men step onto the rescue platform, the red ones will not be able to reach them: zombies cannot jump to the helicopter.

On the escape route, players have the opportunity to neutralize enemies with help of special items that act as explosives. However, orange objects can also serve as help for fugitives, such as stairs. Each new level prepares for the hero more and more difficult obstacles and a mass of angry undead.

Action shooter Z Escape provides players with opportunity to feel like a real sniper and help fugitives get out of tenacious paws of brutal zombies. Improve equipment and boosters to save people from the undead certainly.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Z Escape before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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