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Zombie Hunter Sniper is a well-designed shooting range from the first person, where the main character has only one task. You need to break through the masses of hungry zombies thirsty for human blood with battles and great efforts. The hero sees no other way out but to meet these terrible creatures face to face and fight them. The character can use firearms in battle presented with an incredibly large assortment of different pistols and rifles. You need to aim and shoot accurately, since there are many enemies that have all the conditions for catching the protagonist. The main character must make decisions with the speed of the wind and think on the go. In addition, if you like to shoot enemies, you can easily do it in Gangstar Vegas and Cover Fire.

The game already has 10 million downloads on Google Play. Let us show you its main advantages.

Unbelievable but true. Fantastically addicting Zombie Hunter Sniper is absolutely free on Android platform. You can download it anywhere and enjoy the playthrough without investing real money.

Since the gamer has only firearms for protection, the game provides them in an incredibly wide range: weaker and more powerful, large and smaller. Only you should choose what to equip, because each time new goal or task requires an individual approach to its solution.

After the user has defeated all the numerous and seemingly endless little bloodthirsty zombies, he is ready for one last battle – fight with the boss. This stage is by no means an easy one. You have to give your best, applying all knowledge, the most powerful weapons, your cunning and dexterity, and defeat the biggest and most powerful ruler of all zombies!

Zombie Hunter Sniper implements three-dimensional colorful and sophisticated 3D graphics that almost completely copy reality. All landscapes, structures and objects have almost real rendering, which can amaze most users.

Special effects, sounds and various gradients are also surprising and leave only a positive impression about the game. The sounds are typical for the actions of the main character: shooting, walking, running and negotiations have identical sounds.

Since Zombie Hunter Sniper has only one type of weapon – firearms, you still need to upgrade and improve it. Add new features in order to win difficult stages and come to the boss with a full set of powerful weapons. However, upgrading and buying missing items requires in-game currency that you can earn by winning the battle, which is not always possible to do from the first time.

For such cases, we present unlimited money mod for Zombie Hunter Sniper. Now the gamer doesn’t need to go through the levels for a long time, because there is an opportunity to upgrade all weapons at once. Moreover, you get an opportunity to use special in-game currency – gold. You can spend it on premium weapons and features that can help you to kill all zombies on your way.

Based on the test results of modified game version, we give a positive assessment, since everything works without any complaints. After the first entry into the game, you receive an unlimited money amount which you can spend on various weapons and upgrades for your hero.

The main location in the game Zombie Hunter Sniper is a post-apocalyptic world where your character needs to survive. A terrible virus spread by zombies, infected and killed everyone on this planet, only you survived. Now your main task is to survive in the most dangerous conditions and to hunt opponents. Use firearms against the walking dead – a pistol, rifle, grenade launcher and others. Get used to the situation and choose specifically the weapon that would be useful to you in this situation to win. Especially with regard to sniper rifles, which you should use from cover. Explore all game modes and achieve high results. At the end, enter the battle with the strongest boss of this game, who is not so easy to defeat, and your task is to do this by finding his weak points.

Zombie Hunter Sniper is a realistically designed project with three-dimensional 3D graphics and incredibly exciting and addictive gameplay that will leave few people indifferent. The game brings many positive emotions and takes up free time, so you won’t be bored.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Zombie Hunter Sniper before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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