Zombie Tsunami Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 4.5.2

Zombie Tsunami is a cool runner that can completely change the way you think about zombie games. Start a real blitzkrieg, where funny zombies act as soldiers of your army. Zombie Tsunami includes all the best runner traditions. The whole gameplay comes down to an endless race, while the game ends when your last zombie soldier dies. Despite the large number of zombie soldiers, it is quite easy to kill them all. For example, by drowning your army when a bridge collapses. Therefore, the survival and game duration directly depends on the undead number and your attentiveness when overcoming obstacles. If you like arcade runners, we can also offer Angry Birds Transformers and Minion Rush.

Over 100 million downloads and 5 million positive reviews speak for themselves. Let’s take a closer look at the main game advantages.

Most zombie games comes down to the total destruction of the living dead. Mobigame Studio decided to change this game concept completely by creating an original runner where the player’s task is to increase the number of zombies. Zombie Tsunami allows you to bite the frightened civilians on the road to turn the world around you into a zombie kingdom. Each bite replenishes the ranks of your army, increasing its strength. Thus, starting the game with one dead man, you can become the owner of a bloodthirsty horde in a couple of minutes.

In addition to run and bite mechanics, Zombie Tsunami can offer you nine interesting colorfully designed locations, several types of opponents and more than three hundred unique bonuses designed to make each playthrough even more interesting and fun. However, you shouldn’t expect difficult tactical tasks or fascinating puzzles in the Lemmings style, but you are provided with the necessary touch of variety.

Basic rule of Zombie Tsunami is to run forward and bite everyone in your path, but not everything is as easy as you might think. The further the player runs, the more dangers wait for him. The balance lies in the fact that the larger the army of corpses, the more often obstacles appear. When all your zombies fall into traps, the game ends. For this reason, you need not to miss a single person on your way, because the number of zombies on your side is the key to survival.

Running without a goal quickly gets boring, so in order to maintain interest in the game, the developers have added many quests to the gameplay. For example, bite 20 people or jump over an obstacle 20 times without loss. Each completed task in Zombie Tsunami gives you a certain number of bonuses that bring you closer to a pleasant monetary reward. There are also some boosters in the game that delight with its diversity: a giant goldfish, a funny dragon or a real flying saucer. Please note that using bonuses requires a certain number of your soldiers.

Zombie Tsunami has a rather nice cartoonish style, and most importantly, there is no blood in the game. During the attack, the panicked people simply disappear in a purple flash in order to join the rebellious dead a moment later. All levels are distributed over nine colorful locations, so you won’t get bored of the landscape monotony. Each area has its own atmosphere and design, so be extremely careful – sometimes you can meet completely unexpected obstacles.

Zombie Tsunami walkthrough is not difficult, but you may want some variety in terms of gameplay after 10-20 levels. The game developers have provided a whole in-game store for this, where you can upgrade a crowd of zombies and purchase various abilities and boosters. True, in the later game stages, you won’t have enough funds to purchase the necessary improvements. That is why we recommend you to download unlimited money mod, which can help you forget such problems.

Our team has tested unlimited money feature for Zombie Tsunami and can confirm its functionality. After the first game launch, you receive an almost endless supply of gold coins at your discretion. We also guarantee that the mod is free of viruses and malware – our specialists checked the installation file using an antivirus.

At the very beginning of the game, a single zombie with a big head and huge eyes comes under your command. Your task is to guide him through the level, avoiding traps and opponents and biting unwary townspeople along the way. The latter convert into zombies in few seconds, gradually increasing a powerful horde. The more zombies you have, the easier it is to complete the levels, which become more difficult each time. In theory, the size of zombie squad is unlimited. In practice, you cannot control more than ten zombies at the same time – they are too defenseless and vulnerable.

Moreover, Zombie Tsunami has other must-haves for games of this genre: in-game store or some optional quests. For completing game tasks, you earn gold. Despite the fact that quests are a pleasant addition to the main activity, you can limit yourself to just running along the level without completing tasks. However, you still need gold for a comfortable game. The game even provides for possibility of micro transactions. If you wish, you can complete levels on your own, enjoying simple and exciting process of eating people.

Zombie Tsunami pleases users with its quality. Great graphics, captivating storyline and exciting gameplay await you. It is hard not to notice that the creators went all out to create a game that they would love to play themselves. Huge number of players from all over the world already gave it the highest rating. Moreover, this game has become one of the most downloaded in a short time, so we recommend everyone.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Zombie Tsunami before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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