Airline Commander Mod APK (Always Completed Activity) 1.4.0

Simulators are a genre in the gaming industry that is very popular now. There are many great options: you can build a city, manage your family, try yourself as a doctor, firefighter, police officer and pirate or get a job behind the wheel of some unusual car. The developers of RORTOS studio decided to go further and invited users to be at the helm of the plane. Become a pilot in Airline Commander. Controls in the game are a lot simplified compared to real airplane controls. However, gameplay process also lacks real complexities and subtleties.

The most important thing is that the game perfectly feels the dimensions and weight of the plane, allowing the player to feel like a real pilot. It is the most important part of any game. By the way, we should not forget about opening of new airports, planes and the fulfillment of contracts. Economic part of the game is also very good. We also recommend other simulators, for example, BanG Dream Girls Band Party! and DIY Makeup.

Airline Commander came out in 2018. For three years, the game has collected more than 10 million downloads. Application still gets fresh updates from RORTOS developers that release new content regularly.

Learning how to fly an airplane in real life takes a lot of time. Future pilots study at flight schools for a long time and pass many exams. Airline Commander offers to complete this process with built-in training master. From the very first seconds after game launch, your manager grabs all the attention and indicates where to start training flights.

Initially, you need to land the plane, for which you need to keep the course marked with green stripes. In addition, it is necessary to monitor important parameters such as flight speed and altitude. You can adjust them using handwheel and gearshift knob. The landing process is quite complicated and it is easy to commit a disaster here. However, if you practice a little, then everything will work out.

After completing the first training flight in Airline Commander, you will be able to go to the game menu and obtain a license to fly the aircraft. There are a lot of them in the game. Passing exams is an additional gameplay element that teaches you and gives access to new opportunities. All exams require using specific aircraft models, which you can unlock over time. Every purchase in Airline Commander requires accumulating enough money.

Exams represent a variety of aircraft control tasks. For example, taxiing through an airport to your lane, taking off to a specified altitude or landing an aircraft. It is possible to modify planes by painting them in different colors, adding more advanced details and elements in order to make them even more powerful. In addition, there is the possibility of creating new jet, turbine or double-deck liners in order to diversify the range of fleet.

New planes in Airline Commander give access to new contracts shown on an interactive map. It so happens that no new routes appear for a given aircraft. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain new license by passing the exam. Successful fulfillment of the contract brings flight points and cash reward. In addition, there is a score for each of the control elements according to results of the flight. The hardest thing for beginners is landing. If you sit down softly enough, then you can get zero points for this element or destroy your plane. Fortunately, you can go on this flight again.

The game features realistic graphic effects that include time of day changes and weather conditions. In addition, it is worth noting the most realistic runways and locations with high-definition graphics. You can also enjoy the sound of aircraft turbines, grinding of landing gear against the runway, noise of the dashboard and much more.

Some Airline Commander jobs can be very difficult for players. Especially for this, we offer you a mod, which can help you to complete all tasks with excellent performance. It does not matter how you cope with the task. You can even crash the plane, but still will get excellent test results.

Important! If you want the mod to work correctly, you must first install the original application and complete training. Then install the mod without deleting original. 

As you can see, there is nothing difficult. The mod activates automatically.

Airline Commander has a radar that shows the flights of all planes currently flying. Most interestingly, all the data is true! The game synchronizes with Internet and shows a live radar of flights in real time. Therefore, you can use this application for additional purpose to keep track of all the planes that are now actually in the sky. Please remember that a stable internet connection is required to activate this feature.

The application offers users 35 airports, 25 aircrafts and more than two hundred licenses. Unblocking all the content is very fun, so you need many pilot skills to get through it all.

Over time, new opportunities begin to appear. For example, it is possible to start the process of creating aircraft engines. There are many similar elements in the game. After obtaining necessary licenses, you will be able to complete the entire flight – from starting the engine to landing. Airline Commander also has a rank system. Players can go from a beginner to an airline owner.

Airline Commander is, as close to reality as possible, so even the weather outside your plane changes like real. Cope with the vagaries of nature, keeping calm. It is so important in the work of a pilot. Being busy with aircraft management, do not forget about the maintenance of your company: improve it and acquire new types of transport. The game perfectly combines elements of business strategy and simulation. Players have to combine two positions at once, responsibly approaching the tasks of both branches.

Like real pilots, you need to coordinate all the actions performed with the controller on the ground in order to receive timely information about traffic changes. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the fire extinguishing system. Who knows what troubles await on the way? Critical situations such as fires, hydraulic failures, jammed elevators and air brakes are not rare in airspace.

Do not neglect the fuel reserves in the tank. If necessary, dispose of residues or pump to balance the iron bird during flight. You can control the aircraft in Airline Commander both independently and using the autopilot. If you are not yet sure of your capabilities and quickly get tired, then try alternating the stages of passing using different modes. The autopilot allows you to control all the components and assemblies of the liner. It is important if you are not sure if you can handle such a task.

Airline Commander is an excellent airplane management simulator for everyone who wants to spend free time in a fun way. Develop your airliner management skills as well as your own business strategy as you strive to become the best airline owner.

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