Arknights Mod APK (Damage/Defense Multiple) 2.0.01

Arknights is a Chinese hybrid of several genres that at first glance are not very related. It takes the best of card games with collecting heroes of different styles, rarities, and levels of utility. There are some RPG elements here, such as various items and character development. The game also includes elements of strategy, for example, upgrading and developing the base in the spirit of Fallout Shelter. Main plot has a form of visual novel, while the missions remind the form of traditional Tower Defense games. However, there are some differences in mechanics and elaboration. Please also check out Guardian Tales and Mobile Legends: Adventure.


Arknights has over 1 million active players and almost 100 thousand of them have left positive reviews. Learn more below.

Arknights has a huge amount of time devoted to the story. You can get plot points through the visual novel between missions and some in-game action. At the same time, the game has many interesting dialogues with a choice of plot development. Therefore, your decisions during conversations can affect the gaming experience. Developers constantly release new acts and chapters so the plot does not stand still. You can also find out the history of various characters, game lore and the description of various states. Arknights takes place on the planet Terra, similar to our Earth, with some differences. The planet suffers from the Orpathy virus that infects everyone through prolonged contact with the important mineral Originium. There is no cure for this disease, so many creatures die due to it. In addition, the sick person greatly increases abilities in magic. Normal inhabitants despise the infected and even kill them, because they create a radical organization that threatens the world.

The game provides for the development of its own base in the spirit of the Fallout Shelter. Arknights allows you to build various premises needed to fulfill certain goals. Construct buildings for the production of resources and characters upgrading. At the same time, every hero has a certain direction of development. You should carefully learn all hero abilities to know the direction for improvements.  

Arknights gives players access to a wide variety of heroes, where everyone performs own function. Some heroes do not have a lot of damage, but bring points for summoning other operatives. Others have insane damage to one or more targets or can protect other characters. There are heroes that can heal and strengthen the squad or weaken enemies. Moreover, these are not all the roles and possibilities of the main characters. By correctly combining the available heroes, you can create a squad invincible to enemies. In addition, each character is unique and interesting. For example, ProjectRed which is a reference to the famous Polish studio.

The graphic design in Arknights is simply masterpiece. The characters’ sprites are worked out in detail, look great and evoke positive emotions. The base also looks great and the missions are gorgeous. We also should mention that visual during the novels immerses you so well that you can think you watch a movie. Music also perfectly immerses you in the hopeless atmosphere of what is happening on the screen. Moreover, during the battles it can give you a lot of drive and pleasure. The interface is also beautifully drawn, simple and convenient.

The stats of your characters In Arknights are of great importance. The higher the damage and defense of your heroes, the better they resist the waves of opponents. Moreover, if at first levels you have not yet encountered much resistance, moving further along the plot provides you with difficult opponents. Nevertheless, we are ready to help you in such situations by providing a mod for adjusting damage and defense.

We reviewed Arknights for the convenience of our users. Based on the test results, we confirm the presence of damage and defense multiple feature. You can set the necessary indicators for your attack and defense in a special menu. If, for some reason, the mod is not functioning for you, then don’t despair. Our team every day tries to find the best and most current version of the above-mentioned mod. Just download Arknights and enjoy the unlocked gameplay.

Gameplay comes down to a composite hodgepodge of many genres that it manages to combine successfully. Missions in tower defense mode are a real highlight of the game. Collecting heroes allows you to get many of them free. Building a base distracts from the action. The main plot immerses you in the game atmosphere and gives you a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions.

Arknights is a masterpiece from an Asian game studio that has so successfully mixed a huge number of genres that it just does not fit into your head.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide may be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Arknights before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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