BitLife – Life Simulator Mod APK (Bitizenship Unlocked) 2.2

BitLife – Life Simulator is a real life simulator that offers the player almost real but virtual life. Here the gamer gets an opportunity to live several game lives. Meet the first parents of your playable character. Raise your hero – take him to kindergarten and school or teach him all the wisdom of life. Your task is not just to live the life of your character, but also to live it with maximum indicators in terms of accumulated funds, health, level of happiness and number of years. Please check out other simulators on our website – Episode – Choose Your Story and Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Candywriter LLC released BitLife – Life Simulator in February 2019. During its existence, the app collected more than 10 million downloads with 4.1 overall rating. Please, take a look on its main features.

BitLife – Life Simulator opens up tremendous opportunities for gamers to control the character. From the very moment the hero is born, you can monitor his health, happiness, mental development and appearance. A certain set of actions can lead to the fact that you can raise an unpleasant hero out of your character, who cannot live happily even within the game. In the process, the hero can perform actions that either develop his characteristics or worsen his condition. Although there are not so many actions before the character grows up, they can still affect the hero’s game life. Choose the gender, first and last name of your character. Nevertheless, it becomes possible after three characters have lived their virtual lives.

BitLife – Life Simulator allows you to go through all the stages of a person’s life. Trying to make the project as close to reality as possible, developers make it possible to take main hero to school, store, library, yoga and even to the doctor. Your character is able to get a profession and a good job as he grows up. You can buy a house, start a business or just save money. You can even send the hero to a plastic surgeon. In short, everything is like in real life!

Growing up characters in BitLife – Life Simulator brings its own hassle to the user. You have to choose a partner to build relationships, create a family and have offspring. If in some part of the game life you turn in wrong direction, then you can go to a prison. However, the creators made escapes and other deviations from real life possible. It is enough for the player to complete the mini-game to escape successfully.

BitLife – Life Simulator boasts elementary graphics, which have good and pleasant quality, as well as a harmonious overall appearance. The graphic design is simple but interesting. However, the main thing in the game is not the graphics, but its gameplay component, which is definitely very strong. The sound in the game only complements the overall picture and does not distract from the walkthrough, which is a great advantage for a project of this type.

If you want to try all possible game options, you can install BitLife – Life Simulator with mod for unlocked Bitizenship. It allows you to enjoy the game in full, regardless of the circumstances.

By installing our mod, you get unlocked a premium membership called Bitizenship. Its main advantages include no advertising, access to rare pets such as horses and llamas. Moreover, you can join criminal gangs in the prison, interact with schoolteachers, as well as try many other pleasant little things during the walkthrough. We also should note that our mod contains no viruses and malwares. You can install it following our recommendations below.

BitLife – Life Simulator is an interesting, addictive life simulator with a bunch of game options. Try a huge number of characters or persistently and carefully develop one hero to make him a millionaire and long liver. You can become whomever you want in BitLife – Life Simulator. Moreover, the game allows you to learn skills useful in real life. Plan a person’s life without fear of consequences. However, you can choose the other side and become a criminal who constantly breaks the law, escapes from prison and commits illegal actions.

Four bars at the screen bottom are indicators that allow you to evaluate quality of a character’s life: happiness, health, IQ and appearance. The satisfaction of your hero in all these parameters varies depending on the actions you force him to do. Such actions open up as the character grows. Until the age of majority, the choice of actions is not so extensive. You can go to the doctor, talk to parents, ask for money, go to movies, decide on sexual orientation, choose a university and invite someone on a date. Moreover, the last point is one of the most interesting at this stage of life.

The most interesting thing in BitLife – Life Simulator begins when the character turns 18. All actions become available to you: from going on vacation, playing the lottery and ending with making plastic surgery and playing in a casino. You can adopt a child and buy house or car. However, for this you need to pass the license. If you are walking on a slippery slope, be prepared to get punishment as in real life. The path to success comes down to getting a good job so that you can pay for a good doctor, go to the gym and buy real estate. In total, you can start your career in 35 professions so the choice is yours.

BitLife – Life Simulator is a curious, exciting project with a slight touch of philosophy. It allows you to rehearse real life in virtual world in order not to make mistakes or learn how to correct them. Still this is just an entertaining game!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Delete the original version of BitLife – Life Simulator before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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