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Braindom 2 is a puzzle game where you don’t just need to solve riddles and simple puzzles. You need to make every effort to determine the main game liar! In fact, it is necessary to define who of the characters is lying. For this, the gamer has only one drawn picture that contains a barely noticeable tip. There are not as many clues, as you would like, so you have to rely only on your own strength. The project is addictive, as it aims not only at user’s entertainment, but also at his development. If you love puzzles, our team also recommends Two Dots and FGTeeV Goozy.

Matchingham Games released Braindom 2 in late summer 2020. During its existence, more than 10 million players downloaded the app and gave it 4.6 rating. The age limit for players is 3+.

Braindom 2 is primarily a puzzle, but it has a solid detective element. The player needs not only to solve the problem, but also to give the correct answer to the question that serves as the slogan of the game: Who is lying? In most cases, the player will be required not so much knowledge as attentiveness and logical thinking – these qualities can help you to notice inconsistencies in the proposed drawings and riddles faster. At some moments, you need to undertake completely brainstorming sessions. However, the more interesting the walkthrough the sweeter the victory!

It is worth noting that the developers did not include simple levels here. All puzzles are quite difficult and require impressive efforts from the player. However, Braindom 2 lacks a linear plot, which makes the player’s job much easier. The creators made sure that you could skip the levels that cause the most difficulty and move on to the next in open locations. You can return to the left stages later or even leave quests uncompleted.

The main feature of Braindom 2 is that the developers decided to add several types of logic tasks that affect different parts of the brain. Thanks to this, the player can improve thinking skills, reveal the inherent creativity and learn how to conduct real brain attacks. Despite the seeming complexity, the game is still quite simple, since gradually the brain learns to recognize all the subtleties of the proposed puzzles. After some training, the player can answer questions at lightning speed. Among other things, the creators offer quite a lot of riddles and questions, which makes Braindom 2 interesting and addictive.

For its genre, the graphics in Braindom 2 meet all the necessary requirements. It is simple with a good drawing of interface details and gameplay. The graphics here include two-dimensional pictures, but this does not make the overall design worse and adds brightness and color on the contrary. Many fans of Braindom 2 still recommend using devices with larger screens to make it easier to consider tasks. Moreover, in-game sound fully corresponds to the game and emphasizes the gameplay process. We should also mention that sound design includes pleasant background music.

If it is difficult to go through some game stages, you can use hints. However, for this you have to watch an advertisement, which delays the process and distracts the player from the puzzle. To solve the problem, we offer you download Braindom 2 with ad-free mod that makes it easy to complete the levels with maximum help available in the app.

Our team has tested Braindom 2 and its mod for functionality. Based on the test results, we confirm that no ads feature works. Now, in order to take a hint on a hard level, you don’t need to watch ads. Therefore, you have the opportunity to complete the game much faster and use help at any time if something does not work out for you. Just follow our simple instructions below to install the game without problems.

Braindom 2 is a colorful and funny puzzle game with a detective bias, where the player not only have to solve riddles, but also take the heroes out into the open. Your main task is to determine who is cheating one by one. Just show all your attentiveness and endurance as well as use all the capabilities of your brain and turn on the thought processes at maximum speeds. However, the developers did not leave users without help, because the game has many tips. In addition, tips are much more convenient to use with our no ads solution, because you no longer need to spend a lot of time watching annoying videos.

The gameplay is quite simple, you only need to look at the picture and answer the questions correctly. By the way, you can enlarge some parts of the picture and this is usually the key to the solution.

Braindom 2 is an excellent entertaining app made in the puzzle genre. If the player learns everything that this game offers, then his brain can work at 150 percent!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Braindom 2 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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