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BTS Universe Story is an app for creating and playing visual novels dedicated to the members of the legendary Korean group BTS. Here you meet all your favorites and they will be in non-standard situations. It is worth noting that not all the stories told in this game are real, but it is very interesting to follow the plot development.

At the same time, these stories do not look too rosy initially. Each group member has his own problems, which root lies somewhere in the past. The user has to plunge into this past to find out how to help a particular hero. In addition, the game has other episode genres. The developers promised to update its list constantly. Everyone can find the story on his taste!

Fans have been waiting for this game since the announcement of its development and love it even more after its release. Let’s take a look at its key features.

BTS Universe Story has visual novel genre. There is no need to develop a reaction, so even the most casual gamers can play. However, at the same time, the immersion in the plot of such stories is many times better than in many role-playing games. The authors allow players to choose further plot direction. If in other short stories the main characters can be fictional , this game uses the names and images of real-life BTS members popular all over the world.

Any chapter in BTS Universe Story consists of several episodes and each subsequent opens after completing the previous one. Sometimes the game gives a choice – what to do for the hero. However, there are not as many such elections as we would like. If you want to see all the options, you can replay the episode by scrolling through the history until the moment with the fork.

The game differs from its counterparts in special realism and a wide choice of options for the events development. This makes it possible to come to almost any desired outcome. The developers took care of adding new levels and options. This allows you to make all possible dreams come true, try different development options, and feel like a real idol, not just a fan.

Try to understand the hero’s character and act within the framework of his behavior. Use the built-in tools to collect special things and use them to purchase any valuable items. Spend cozy evenings with friends and favorite idols. Communicate with them, develop original plot twists and lines.

Among the features of BTS Universe Story, we should pay special attention to the graphics quality. It attracts with its realism, made at the level of Life is strange. The developers used modern technologies that meet all standards. That’s why the game requires more than 1 gigabyte of additional cache. Taking into account the above quality of each story you can find a variety of videos able to immerse you in the magical world of BTS Universe Story.

Developers performed the sound component also at the highest level. You can hear the band’s original soundtrack in each scene. Moreover, both funny and sad melodies play depending on the scene.

Despite the many advantages of playing BTS Universe Story, there is one significant drawback. The fact is that other stories are unlocked only for crystals, and its accumulating in a free way is a very long task. Not everyone wants to pay for each novel either. Therefore, the content remains inaccessible for many users – and it’s very sad.

You can find many different websites on the Internet that offer to download a modified version of the game. The proposed mods supposedly provide an opportunity to play in paid stories free.

However, our team wasn’t able to find a working mod for BTS Universe Story, because the developers clearly did their best and closed all possible loopholes. This fact does not exclude the possibility of game hack in future so everyone could get access to all the band history free. All that remains now is to wait and replay the free stories in order to accumulate enough crystals for the new novel.

On the other hand, we can offer you modified versions of similar games in which you have the opportunity to influence the story development. Play Choices: Stories You Play or Chapters: Interactive Stories to spice up your time.

BTS Universe Story will definitely appeal to fans of idols. Everyone is able to try out different options for the events development and experience the artist role. The game turned out to be good, but many users did not like the authors’ approach to project monetizing. Only a small part of the stories is available free, while you need crystals to unlock the rest. This in-game currency accumulates very slowly – you need one month to open a new story. Simple gameplay, modern graphics and other benefits await everyone.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of BTS Universe Story before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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