Dress up! Time Princess Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.0.67

Dress up! Time Princess is an entertaining role-playing app that combines adventure and fashion simulator in a visual novel style. Developer and publisher is Singapore studio IGG.COM, which released the project in August 2020 for Android platforms. Do you want to get into stories, which outcome depends on your choice of outfit and dialogue version? The developers did their best to design their project, so it turned out to be almost perfect. If you like similar games, we can also recommend you Dominations and This War of Mine.

Read our in-depth review to discover all the benefits of Dress up! Time Princess.

Visual novels are a relatively new genre, but already quite popular. In most of these novels, player becomes a passive participant who cannot influence course of the plot. However, project from IGG.COM slightly changed game mechanics – now player takes a direct part in the development of events and can even change the end of story. This approach not only increases interest in Dress up! Time Princess, but also allows you to go through the storyline several times and each time – with a new ending.

Main character was looking forward to the summer holidays to go to visit her old grandfather in a charming place called Paradise Town. Arriving on a visit, young girl occupies her mother’s old bedroom, where she discovers a mysterious bookstand. She burns with curiosity and begins to research books she inherited from her mother. Old books take the girl to a magic kingdom threatened by trouble. Once in Versailles, she forced to fight the chaos that threatens the wizarding land. As a princess, she meets a brave helper who will accompany her on difficult journey in the magnificent Rococo interiors.

Dress up! Time Princess provides you with access to the life of queen, famous reporter living in New York or just plunge into an unusual oriental atmosphere. If you want to unblock some new stories, you should use special coupons. When you start your journey, you receive two library cards. In order to get access to new histories, you have to earn these coupons in other ways. The more you earn, the more opportunities you get to discover new stories. Do not forget to log into the game every day, because developers provides players with good rewards for this.

Variety of game mechanics made the gameplay really exciting and rich. Moreover, addition in form of stunning graphics and cool art turned Dress up! Time Princess into a real masterpiece with an interesting storyline. Nice and relaxing background music helps to further focus on the story.

As in any other visual novel, users often face with the same problem – lack of money on game balance to carry out numerous actions that are a great part of the gameplay. We suggest you to download our mod that can provide you with unlimited money for everything you need to enjoy comfortable playthrough.

Our team has tested the mod for unlimited money for Dress Up! Time Princess. We can safely say that the promised unlimited supply of money for carrying out any operations actually exists. Now you can easily purchase any outfit and discover interesting ramifications of stories. We also guarantee that the installation file is virus-free. Our experts have checked it using several anti-virus applications.

Considering the gameplay of Dress Up! Time Princess, we should say that its main goal is to collect available outfits. Almost everything is involved around them, so you have to make a lot of effort to get full collection. Take a close look at items on the menu, as they are good hints. If you want to collect the entire collection completely, then you need to pay attention to every little thing.

Once this happens, you see a progress display on the bottom workspace bar. You have the opportunity to collect up to 10 elements, which is quite difficult. Just put in a lot of effort if you want to be successful in Dress up! Time Princess. Some things are easy to buy with currency, while others are possible to get only for completing tasks.

In any case, you have to go through history, because some costumes are available for obtaining only through story tasks. When you first start the project, you can see three beginnings of the story. Just select one of them and then proceed to the walkthrough. You need to immerse yourself in these stories using the stand inherited from your mother.

Dress Up! Time Princess invites users to plunge into an exciting adventure in the world of fashion of different nations. Amazingly beautiful outfits, palace secrets and charismatic heroes await players. Design your dresses and accessories and compete with players to find out whose imagination and taste is better!

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original Dress Up! Time Princess before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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