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Family Island is a farm simulator in which you have a unique opportunity to experience the seclusion from the whole world on your own experience. The main characters are an obese bearded and always cheerful farmer Bruce, his beautiful red-haired wife Eva and two lovely smiling children. When volcanic eruption destroyed previous paradise, you need to help them build a new one far from any known civilization. This kind family needs your help in finding the remains of their lost tribe and exploring interesting new islands. If you like to develop your production, whether it be a farm or a huge enterprise, we also recommend you Idle Courier Tycoon and My Factory Tycoon – Idle Game.

Family Island has over one million downloads in its first week worldwide, making it one of the best game launches ever.

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that games in the genre of farms are simple with not complicated gameplay. All players can plant several types of vegetation, collect it and plant again. However, in addition to the classic farm gameplay, Family Island also has a plot component. It has a rather large impact on everything you do in the game. The plot goal of Family Island for the player is to equip a new family farm in complete seclusion from the world and find lost family and beloved tribe. At the same time, it is necessary to solve the conflicts in the family that are not so rare in isolation, as well as find ways out of situations that arise with the natives.

Did you think that in Family Island you have one farm and only slightly sprinkled the standard gameplay with a plot? This is definitely not the case. In addition to the main island, developers made large bias towards the discovery of other islands and the construction of paradise on earth in the whole archipelago. You can constantly travel between all the available islands in an attempt to fulfill your global goal – discover the remains of your lost tribe. At the same time, all the islands are perfectly drawn and detailed, pleasantly pleasing to the eye. None of the islands will let you get bored, leaving only good emotions behind.

Among other things, in Family Island, of course, there is also a classic gameplay for farms. Upgrade your buildings, breed animals and make them heavenly conditions of existence. Moreover, dig up the beds, grow and care for plants, as well as breed your own unique plant species. Do everything so that you can feed your family, support their existence at a very comfortable level, improve their relationship with each other. Of course, not all of the territory on your islands is available for building and developing land from the very beginning. However, clearing it all for your own needs and constructing buildings, pens and enclosures for animals on it, as well as leaving a place for developing land is also one of your interesting tasks.

The graphic component in the game pleases with its elaboration, the preservation of the general style and a nice looking picture. If you have played farms before, when you start the game for the first time, you will be very pleasantly surprised when you see such a pleasant picture for you. All elements are hand-drawn and of very high quality. The chosen colors are pleasant and don’t cause any negative emotions. In total, the graphics cause only a smile and pleasant emotions. The interface is easy to learn and not loaded with unnecessary elements. The sound is notable for elaboration – the melodies are uncomplicated, but interesting and accentuating the attention on the game. Individual sounds only pleasantly indicate what you are doing.

Family Island has a lot of focus on discovering new lots and islands. In addition, you constantly need to open more and more new improvements for your plants, animals and buildings in pursuit of your game goal. All these tasks require a fairly large amount of funds, in which you are limited and the extraction of resources don’t proceed too quickly. However, you have to spend a huge amount of time to get access to all game content, which isn’t suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, we give you the opportunity to get rid of such problems. Discover everything in the game at once by downloading a mod for unlimited money in Family Island.

Based on the testing results, we can confirm that everything stated above is true. Our unlimited money mod definitely deserves your attention, because it makes playing not only easier, but also more interesting. Don’t worry, installation file is completely safe for your devices.

The gameplay is similar to classic farms – grow plants. Clean your area of ​​unnecessary elements, breed animals and build new buildings, while not forgetting to improve all these elements. However, unlike thousands of similar games, Family Island provides both an interesting plot background and other elements that increase your interest. Find your relatives and discover new islands.

Family Island is a great choice if you want to play farm. Here is the classic familiar gameplay and great interesting innovations that allow to enjoy this game for a long time.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded game from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Family Island before installing our modified version. This action prevents errors during installation process.

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