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We all know the famous Grand Theft Auto series. A beautiful and realistic world, complete freedom of action, an interesting plot. True, not every player knows about famous progenitor of the franchise – GTA 3. This game was the first to give us the possibility of absolute freedom in three-dimensional world. Moreover, not only boxes of buildings, but also a detailed environment, exciting shootouts and mad races expected the player. With increase in performance of mobile devices, Rockstar developers have decided to transfer the famous action game to Android. Anyone can now download GTA 3 to smartphone or tablet and plunge into that retro era of early 2000s. However, if you want to get acquainted with other series of the franchise, you can download GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas.


It has been 19 years since its release, but still it is one of the most popular games in the series. Let’s look at its main advantages together and reveal the secrets of success.

GTA 3 was the first game that allowed players to explore a huge territory freely. In addition to completing story missions, players can work as a taxi driver, firefighter, police officer and even an ambulance paramedic. In addition, if earning is not the main thing for you, you can always steal someone’s cool sports car and go on an endless journey through Liberty City. As you already understood, the city size is more than three square miles. It allows you to explore city areas and fight with local gangs for hours. What else is needed for a self-respecting gamer?

The story tells you about a nameless representative of criminal world, who goes to jail after unsuccessful robbery. It would seem that the life of crime is over, but on the way to prison, he involuntarily escapes and immediately returns to Liberty City to take revenge on his offenders. However, he has neither money nor authority, so he has to work for other criminals. By completing all sorts of tasks, which only become more difficult as you progress through GTA 3 campaign, you earn money and unlock new game locations. Spend in-game money on weapons that you can use to make more money. It’s simple. Use melee weapons, pistols, rifles, machine guns and even a rocket launcher to achieve your goals.

Another distinctive feature of GTA 3 is the ability to drive vehicles with a third-person view. The previous parts of the franchise did not have such an opportunity. Moreover, those who played later games like GTA 5 could already enjoy the realistic level of physics. Try to get behind the wheel of a car and go in pursuit of criminals, participate in races or just ride for fun. The physics of that time left much to be desired, but the gameplay did not become worse. In total, you can use more than 50 types of transport in Liberty City.

As mentioned above, the game was released 19 years ago, so it’s inappropriate to talk about the level of graphics. However, thanks to the transfer of GTA 3 to Android devices, the developers have corrected some optimization problems. Consequently, the game looks much better. If you find yourself in early days of gaming industry, you will be pleased to plunge into memories and try again the graphics engines of that time. On the other hand, you can always familiarize yourself with history and appreciate the retro game style through the eyes of modern gamer. Sound component includes fully dubbed dialogues for the main characters. You can listen to the radio and even change stations while driving. All actions in the game have a proper soundtrack.

GTA 3 is not a difficult game. Every player can easily master the entire gameplay without using cheats and codes. However, if you are a true fan of the series, you can use our unlimited money mod. With it, you can freely buy weapons, new clothes, paint cars and even buy real estate.

Our team tested GTA 3 and unlimited money mod for functionality. The test results show that after the first game launch you can get almost unlimited amount of currency. In fact, you can easily acquire whatever you want. The only limitation is the storyline. You cannot buy a certain type of weapon or new real estate until you advance further in the story campaign. It’s also worth noting that we tested installation file with several antivirus programs. The scan did not reveal the presence of malware or viruses. Use our installation guidelines below to install the game without problems.

So, after watching a short video about betrayal, you take control to your hands and get into the car to escape the chase. Liberty City (the prototype of New York) is quite large. During the walkthrough, you have to perform various non-standard actions. Thus, the developers tried to make the gameplay as diverse as possible.

The only concern you can worry about in GTA 3 is management. However, it is quite convenient, even despite the size of Android device display. While walking, you have a joystick on the left and hit, shoot, run and jump buttons on the right. While driving, you can accelerate, brake/reverse, shoot with the right screen side and turn with left one. The game has several options for the camera view, including from above, as in first two parts of the game.

GTA 3 is real progenitor of the legendary gaming series, which active fan base now numbers billions of players. Immerse yourself in the world of Liberty City and become the most authoritative and powerful criminal within it. Money, weapons, cars and complete freedom of action. What could be better?

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of GTA 3 before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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