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Idle Mastermind is an addicting arcade clicker simulator where users take control of three supervillains who create large-scale cunning plans. Surprisingly, the player’s task is to help the villains make their dreams and plans come true, as well as deal with many other missions. Despite their great criminal mind, these heroes are rather confused, scared and inexperienced in some aspects of their activities. The gamer have to take on the bulk of the tasks. Arrange your home and carry out brutal and merciless experiments to obtain new technologies. Improve your underground base and train fighters who will rob and kill for you. By the way, if you like clickers, we recommend that you play Taps to Riches and Idle Home Makeover.

Check out the main features and advantages of this cool game.

Idle Mastermind allows players to build a dwelling to manage the base. Hire an incredibly large number of malevolent servants and assistants to follow your orders. Raid the city higher up and get expensive and necessary resources. Do new researches and develop skills to improve your criminal gang constantly.

Follow the gameplay and control three different villains, each with their own individual abilities. Also in the course of Idle Mastermind, you can find a rare dwelling with special flooring and servants. Various strategies, skills and interesting stories also await you with mesmerizing styles of managing available sources and funds.

Hire an army of cold-blooded villains and move forward to start wreaking havoc in the big metropolis. Carry out severe battles with local superheroes and scare the local residents of the huge city. Earn your authority and money, and then contribute to the arrangement of your most secret villainous lair. Do you have enough courage to face the city’s superheroes?

Each gamer, controlling three different villains in Idle Mastermind, has the opportunity to build his own unique and unrepeatable lair. It can include 30 different floors and rooms, built according to the taste of the player. Moreover, you can set special developments to generate additional resources while you are out of the game.

Idle Mastermind has nice graphics. All the details, characters and houses are quite clearly drawn. However, the game has pixel-style but this is more the project style than a flaw of creators. A bright and versatile game in terms of locations, actions and resources can entice everyone. As for the sound, a light, unobtrusive melody plays in the background, and during a battle or extreme action, sounds corresponding to the action appear.

The main feature of the game mod is unlimited money. From the very beginning, the user has access to a robbery for supervillains in the city, as well as the construction of an electric station and an armory. All this actions cost only 16.000 coins. Idle Mastermind gives the gamer an unlimited number of coins and, as a result, more opportunities.

We have tested Idle Mastermind for our valued users. Based on the results, we can guarantee you the correct and safe operation of for unlimited money feature. Simply download and install the mod to get unlimited supply of coins at your disposal.

The incredible simulator for mobile devices on Android has a cool mesmerizing atmosphere, interesting gameplay and the most attractive heroes in the world! After the first launch, the user becomes part of a super villainous trio: the gangster boss Doctor Dos, the small and cold-blooded Techa, and the unpredictable Yara. By joining forces, you come up with incredibly crazy plans to take over the world, participate in battles with superheroes and build your own lair. Are you ready for the most interesting, fun and fantastic adventure?

Idle Mastermind is a fantastically mesmerizing arcade simulator that can captivate the user for a long time. The development of various strategies and plans, the battles and the fascinating arrangement of the base make the game even more fun. The curious graphics and soundtrack set the right atmosphere for the gameplay.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide will be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete the original version of Idle Mastermind before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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