Matchington Mansion Mod APK (Unlimited Stars/Free Shopping) 1.89.1

Matchington Mansion is a mobile puzzle game with elements of interior designer simulator from Firecraft Studios. Gameplay of the project combines elements of match-3 puzzles, as well as simple simulator of designer. Go through the levels on puzzle stage and spend earned stars to restore the abandoned mansion. Your task is to renovate the old building and get to know all the neighbors. The game offers its own story mode, which playthrough includes visiting the city, various locations in it and far travels. We have also prepared for you My Story – Mansion Makeover and Space Decor: Dream Home Design.

Matchington Mansion will surely delight all puzzle lovers. It is an excellent representative of the genre. Moreover, the developers have contributed a lot of unique content, thanks to which it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from gameplay process.

Matchington Mansion’s story begins with introduction of an unknown storyteller. She left the protagonist a legacy of a mansion, quite old, but still strong and comfortable. It has many secret locations that you can find on bonus levels. A servant in the mansion, as well as a white cat can become your best friends. You must choose the name of the user hero yourself. Among the protagonist’s assistants, you can also meet Tiffany, a designer who agreed to help you rebuild your house. Almost immediately, you meet the antagonist – owner of the casino chain Rex, who claimed the mansion or rather the land under it. Story mode unravels the tangle of ancient secrets of the house, as well as its inhabitants.

Matchington Mansion collected all the best of this genre: beautiful bright elements, powerful boosters and cool combinations. There is a field with various elements in front of the player. Move them in such a way to collect three or more items in a row. The connected elements disappear, while the new ones fall from above.

Successful combinations give various bonuses that allow you to pass the level more efficiently. Therefore, making a line of four identical objects, you get a cracker. It can destroy everything that in vertical or horizontal line. Moreover, a similar smaller firecracker appears if you make a square of four elements. Combination of five items, on the contrary, gives one of the most powerful bombs, capable of removing almost half of the field. Earn stars as a reward for successfully completing a level.

In order to start repairing, click on the book-shaped button and choose to replace furniture or another action. It is necessary to spend stars from your in-game account, so earn as much as possible to get your estate in order as soon as possible. There are many rooms in Matchington Mansion, but the further, the more interesting. The bedroom, greenhouse, study, library, cinema, vegetable garden and much more will gradually open. After renovation, you can replace the furniture at any time. You need to invite workers to deal with some manipulations. In addition, all processes take time, but you can accelerate task completion for coins. Get additional reward after completing a chain of several tasks.

Bright high-quality graphics, animation and pleasant music – all this awaits you at Matchington Mansion. The project is very user-friendly, so it is suitable for both adults and children.

We present a mod for free shopping that allows you to make unlimited purchases. In addition, there is the possibility of obtaining unlimited stars in order not to play in match-3 puzzles if you want to.

We have checked the functionality of Matchington Mansion. We confirm free shopping feature in the presented mod. Your money balance will be the same during buying items. In order to activate unlimited stars, you need to open mod menu located in upper left corner of the screen. Move slider in the desired direction to launch the desired feature. You can turn it off at any time.

The gameplay of the Matchington Mansion project belongs to cross-genre category. It combines the elements of puzzle and simulator. The whole gameplay focuses on idea of ​​modifying and renovating various premises. You have to buy furniture, rebuild walls, remove debris and repair a roof.

All this requires not so much money as stars. One such award is equal to one task from the protagonist’s diary. You can earn a star for passing the level of match-3 category. Its essence is extremely simple – you need to put together a combination of at least three identical symbols in one line. They will disappear then and you will receive points. The more symbols there were in combination, the more stars you can earn and get additional bonus in form of explosives to clear the field. Another important resource is gold coins. Use them to purchase powerful boosters additionally. Various hammers and lightning bolts can help you quickly pass the level, especially if there are few moves left.

All controls come down to the touchscreen. In order to move an element on the playing field, just drag it to an adjacent cell. The game interface is also not overly complex. It is easy to see the diary with tasks in the corner. For example, in order to change the headset to a new one, you need to earn a star at the puzzle level. Just complete the next step and then choose one of the proposed furniture options in order to transform the room. You can follow the same style in interior or diversify it in different directions.

Matchington Mansion is a great game for its genre. Spend your free time having fun collecting bright items and earning stars. Project may delight both adults and youngest gamers with stunning graphics, as well as ample design ideas.

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