My City: Hospital Mod APK (Paid/Unlocked) 1.0.0

The line of children’s games from My City series has already won the trust of both young gamers and their parents. Arcade simulator has become not only popular, as My City games from My Town Games Ltd occupy significant places in the tops, and some of them even have a distinction mark – choice of the Play Store editors. One of these games is My City: Hospital. Hospital is a place where people receive or provide medical care. Young players have to get acquainted with intricacies of medical science in this interactive game. Here the player can experience a variety of interactions with equipment, personnel and medical supplies. Project may acquaint the young gamer with new locations. We also recommend you to download My Town: Hospital and My Town: Grandparents.

My City: Hospital is one of the most successful games in My City series, which is why it received an average score of 4.6. Read on to find out its main features.

My City: Hospital allows you to visit a real virtual hospital with more than six different departments: ambulance, emergency room, canteen and much more. Using the elevator, you can move around a variety of locations. There are no additional rooms here, which is convenient for transporting heroes. Large number of departments can help players to understand all types of therapy. Moreover, it is even possible to visit operating room with a variety of objects and new interactions.

One of the main features of My City and My Town is ability to interact with variety of objects in the location. Therefore, it is possible to interact with medical equipment as medical professional. Playing My City: Hospital you have the opportunity to taste food in cafeteria, choose a hospital bed for yourself and put on a costumes and masks. Each floor has a large number of items to interact.

This part of the sensational franchise provides with access to new heroes – ten adults and ten children of different ages and genders. Each of the characters can try on the role of doctor, patient or guest in the hospital. It is also possible to change the image of each of the heroes, as well as indicate the necessary emotion.

Some games in My City series have an option that allows changing the weather. Just tap on the upper icon to get access to function of changing day and night, as well as weather conditions, available at bottom of the screen.

Another nice bonus in the game is the ability to get new items for interaction. In order to do this, you must visit the game daily and receive a daily reward.

All games in the My City series have typical colorful graphics that perfectly fit the genre. There are enough colorful accents in the children’s game. Almost all objects look realistic, while characters have unique appearance and stylish images. There is no soundtrack, as developers paid special attention to individual sounds: interaction of characters with objects, operation of electrical devices and medical equipment, as well as reaction of characters.

While most of the games in the My Town series are available to players free with paid content in form of unlocking new heroes, My City series are available for a fee. My City: Hospital is no exception, as players can purchase an Android application for $3. However, you can download the game free using the built-in mod.

We confirm that you can get access to full version of My City: Hospital completely free of charge after downloading presented version of the application. All content is fully available, so there is no reason not to play this game. Don’t worry, everything is completely safe. In order to use the game free, you just need to download and install our mod from the link above.

The protagonist of My City: Hospital finds himself in front of hospital ward, which also houses a telephone booth and a taxi. The player can move around the building using the elevator. Several floors are available here at once: floor B of ambulance, as well as floors 1-5, responsible for various departments of medical institution. Moreover, each floor features a variety of equipment and objects for interaction. In order to introduce characters into the game, just click on the icon in the upper left corner. Enjoy more than twenty heroes available for playing, as well as options for changing weather conditions, changing day and night and calling a taxi.

My City: Hospital is the most successful of the entire My City series. The hospital theme is perfect for fun and educational activities for children. After all, the game not only allows you to create own storyline in hospital departments, but also shows how to get acquainted with all the intricacies of medical practice.

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