My Town: Hotel Mod APK (Unlocked) 1.13

My Town: Hotel is another representative of My Town series. Game plot takes us from My Town: Airport straight to My Town: Hotel. A group of people goes on vacation and check into one of the best hotels. This is an educational and fun game where you have the opportunity to manage a hotel and create an unforgettable game. My Town series are popular for children where you can create your own scenario and storyline. My Town: Hotel can help gamers enjoy a comfortable first-class hotel vacation in a room overlooking the beach, take a dip in pool and taste exotic drinks. If you prefer easy and funny games, we can also recommend you Dominations and Epic Conquest 2.

This arcade simulator developed by My Town Games Ltd, which managed to release a series that already consist of ten games. My Town: Hotel has over 500 thousand downloads among Play Store users with average 4.5/5 rating.

Firstly, creators developed this for children from 3 years old who are so difficult to keep busy. This game can help parents to cope with the most restless children. My Town allows little gamers to control the entire process, discovering or buying new characters that affect the game plot. Gameplay process is addictive. You won’t leave characters alone in this hotel after a couple of minutes.

My Town: Hotel has the ability to control all characters, from small toddlers to adult heroes who settled in the game hotel. The game also has characters that complement it: new hotel residents who have recently moved in, concierge, house cleaner and others. Each of characters can perform any actions related to the hotel services. Hero satisfaction with hotel activities depends on each action player makes.

Plot creation is not complete without appropriate elements. Young creator has several locations at once: reception, luxury rooms, swimming pool and even children’s room. Each of rooms has a variety of items that characters can interact. For example, luxury room has a wardrobe full of clothes, comfortable bed, ottomans, refrigerator with fruit drinks, brush and soap in the toilet room. Game opens up many possibilities for creating your own plot. Most importantly, that everyone can make it unique.

By turning on My Town: Hotel, you can hear friendly voice of concierge inviting players to take part in plot development. Light perky music plays throughout the gameplay. In total, gameplay sounds come down to the use of game items: opening refrigerator, calling reception, taking plate from a pile in dining room. Game proceeds calmly, giving free rein.

My Town: Hotel has its own style. Each game in the series about urban life features cartoon style that easily interests young fans with creating own script. All hotel rooms and other game locations combine bright colors and unique clothing styles located in special wardrobes. Every player has an opportunity to use different colored shampoos, towels and taste drinks of different tastes. Project color scheme creates a cozy and interesting atmosphere that can help the child to create a play scenario.

In addition to the basic ones, other characters are also available in My Town: Hotel: southern guests, concierges and other stuff. In order to unlock them, you need a considerable amount of real money, which definitely cannot please young gamers. However, everyone has opportunity to try out new characters free, just using our mod that unlocks all paid characters in the game. By adding new plot faces into gameplay process, you can seriously diversify it.

Our team has tested unlocked mod for My Town: Hotel to confirm its functionality. Indeed, already at the first launch you can easily get any character you want. In addition, we can surely say that installation file is safe, as our specialists checked it with several antivirus applications. In order to get all the above-mentioned benefits you simply need to follow detailed instructions below.

After entering the game, player gets to reception, where he need to help arriving residents with keys to hotel rooms. Here you can give nice gift to guests and treat them with exotic cocktails. Climbing up the elevator, player enters corridor with several guest rooms. All rooms have the ability to interact with various objects. In order to do this, you need to call a hotel guest by clicking on the button located in upper left corner and choose the type of guest that should be present in particular location. This can be infant, child, teenager or adult character. Several characters can be present in a certain territory, thereby creating effect of communication, conversation and other interactions.

We can say that game controls are quite simple and intended for children. If you want to interact with object, you need to drag it from one place to another. In addition, you need to do the same if there is a need to move your character across the room territory.

My Town: Hotel is very interesting for young generation. This kind cartoon game not only helps players to pass free minutes, but also provide any child with useful time spending. Interesting graphics and positive music serve as a background for creating a unique scenario.

We made everything to ease downloading process for every visitor of our website. However, if you download modded or hacked app from third party sources for a first time, the following how-to-do guide can be useful for you:

Don’t forget to delete original My Town: Hotel before installing our modified version to prevent errors during installation process.

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